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Higher Education News

Ensuring Underrepresented Grad Students’ Well-Being

Well-being and success in PhD programs are deeply tied to socialization within academic, professional, and personal spaces. The social aspects can be challenging to navigate, But establishing strong relationships with supportive individuals can help.

Why Do I Set Writing Deadlines That I Can’t Keep?

We all do this. We want so desperately to be done with a project that we set a “strict!” deadline that we’ve convinced ourselves is reasonable. When we fail to meet said deadline, we blame our own work ethic rather than the real culprit...

Top tips for choosing a PhD Supervisor

Selecting a PhD supervisor is one of the most crucial – and difficult – decisions a young researcher will have to make.

Time Management Tips for Dissertation Writing

Time. How easy it is to waste time, procrastinate, and be inefficient. Yet, one could say we make the most of life by how we make the most of time. When it comes to dissertation writing, it is important to manage time effectively.

Filling in the Gaps in Grad Student Career Readiness

I was in the fourth year of my Ph.D. program when I realized I could say no to my adviser, remembers Shawn, one of the co-authors of this piece. It was a turning…

In Support of the Junk Drawer CV

There is a drawer in your kitchen or bedroom that is a catch-all for anything and everything. The junk drawer CV is a magical document: easily accessible and tucked away in your storage drive where you record high points and low points.

Test-Optional Policies Now Dominate Higher Ed

A sea change has overtaken higher education: Over 800 institutions shifted to test-optional policies between the fall 2019 and fall 2021 admissions cycles, according to new data from the U.S. Department of Education.

It’s Never Too Late to Realize You’re a Writer

(Elizabeth Wardle, InsideHigherEd, September 28, 2022) For many people, writing is painful. The idea of writing is painful. Their memories of being taught to write in school are painful. Writing is something other…

The Aesthetic Pleasures of Scholarly Writing

Being a graceful writer can become part of your academic brand, as a scholar who pleases the eye and the ear as well as the mind of the reader. But the biggest payoff is for you as writer: the feeling of producing a sentence that sings.

How to Be a Productive Scholar

Writing groups “play an enormous role in my professional development and productivity.”

On the dissertation: How to Find a Research Topic

All graduate students need to learn how to identify and develop a topic and formulate a research agenda. And it’s not an easy skill to teach.