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Higher Education News

UIC Alumnus Named Canada Research Chair

Jackson Cone is a leading neuroscientist delving into the mysteries of how our brains interpret sensory information.

The Purpose and Value of Positionality Statements

Never heard of positionality statements? Neither had we until our instructor asked us to explore them...Our research revealed that positionality statements can tell us important information about the author and the author's worldview.

Miscalculation in FAFSA Formula Is ‘Another Unforced Error’

A technical problem with the FAFSA has resulted in inaccurate estimates of some applicants’ aid eligibility, the U.S. Department of Education announced on Friday.

Promoting a Sense of Belonging Among Grad Students

Too little emphasis is placed on encouraging them to build community beyond their program and across the university.

UIC student designs moon app as part of winning NASA competition team

Doctoral student Juan Manuel Losarcos came from Argentina to UIC to study the geology of planets, hoping to pave the route for future space colonists. Now, as part of a team that designed a prize-winning app to virtually explore the moon!

Recipients of Spring 2024 Recruitment Fellowship Offers

The Graduate College is pleased to announce recipients of its recruitment competitions: the Access Fellowship (recruitment); the University Fellowship (UF); and the Pipeline to an Inclusive Faculty (PIF) Fellowship. Recipients have been notified.…

A useful guide for anyone considering a PhD

"[W]hat is driving me to start a PhD? Will that motivation stand the test of time and hardship? What will a doctorate do for me professionally and personally? What is my goal?"

10 Pointers for a Successful Faculty Interview

When you get the call for an academic interview, here are some suggestions to prepare yourself.

How to Approach a Book Editor

If you’re working on a scholarly book manuscript, you will need, at some point, to reach out to an editor. Find a good fit!

Dos and Don’ts of Creating Your CV

CVs are always a work in progress. Putting one together can be stressful; this article will help you!

Is your academic career cleared for take-off?

Your academic career is through security, you’ve picked up a Toblerone in duty free and you’re waiting by the gate, watching the departures board. Where will your career fly to next? This collection…

What counts as higher education aid and who is being aided?

Given the importance of higher education and the relatively large body of scholarship on aid to basic education, research on, and consequently our knowledge of, aid to higher education is surprisingly limited.

Cultivating References Over the Long Haul

Instead of arriving at the end of your graduate education with what you wish you had, remain aware and intentional and strategically minded as you cultivate what you actually need.

Instead of a Writing Marathon, Why Not Try a Sprint?

Advice books on academic productivity recommend a writing routine. The experts say it’s a mistake to think you’ll get much accomplished in frenetic bursts. Yet we are making the case here for 'writing sprints' because they work.

How to prepare a scientific poster

"Poster presentations at scientific conferences can provide early-career researchers with valuable opportunities to practice their communication skills, receive feedback on their research, and expand their network."

A Guide for First-Generation, Working-Class Graduate Students

As I’ve progressed in grad school, however, I’ve learned some lessons that I’d like to share with other students like me. The most basic one: if you are a FGWC student, you are not alone.

How do I speed up my writing?

The most important thing here is to concentrate on the first few words of your question: I am working. Your pace isn’t as important as that.

The art of grant writing: write, rewrite and write again

Grant writing is no ordinary task, but there are some basic principles that pretty much apply to any grant application. Grant writing demands that you convey the importance and originality of your research in a very clear and concise way.

How I fused my disparate passions as an interdisciplinary researcher

So, I disregarded my professors’ advice and looked for ways to merge my disparate passions [of] art, neuroscience, and technology....Then I stumbled [into] a lab...[where] interdisciplinarity was not merely encouraged; it was celebrated...