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Who’s Responsible for a Ph.D. Student’s Success?

The institutional structures endemic to all research universities render ongoing, timely communication difficult. And in some quarters of the professoriate, there remains a residual degree of skepticism about potentially “outsourcing" advising...

More International Grad Students Wanted to Come to the U.S., but Couldn’t

The number of first-time graduate students enrolling in American colleges has plunged by almost 40 percent during the pandemic, a decline fueled by precipitous drops from the two largest-sending countries, China and India.

Distracted Minds: How to Fix Your Attention Shortage

None of my three simple recommendations would require you to make drastic changes in your life. Put yourself in deep-work conditions for 30 minutes a day or more, walk for 30 minutes a day....

New Report Shows Impact Of COVID-19 On Older Adults And Their Caregivers

“The impact of COVID-19 on older adults and caregivers has been extremely challenging. We hope the findings from this study will promote the physical and mental well-being of older adults and caregivers now and during future public health crises.”

Scholars Talk Writing: Vincent Brown

Let your argument and story emerge from your interpretation of the research. Don’t just apply theory or report on sources. Take writing seriously as an art form: Choose words that are worthy of your compositions.

Scholars Talk Writing: Eve L. Ewing

If Eve L. Ewing were a superhero, her special power would have to do with words. She is that rare academic able to combine scholarship, poetry, and writing for Marvel Comics.

Accomplish the Things That Matter

During graduate school, I was frustrated by how my ambitions kept outrunning my time. I resolved to learn how to get more done. To succeed, all graduate students must develop a sense of how manage the big, unconstrained nature of their work...

Recipients of Fall 2020 Awards

The Graduate College is pleased to announce the winners of three autumnal competitions: the Award for Graduate Research, the Outstanding Thesis/Dissertation Award, and the Provost’s Graduate Research Award.

UIC graduate students & alumni offered Fulbright awards for 2020-2021

“UIC students are exactly the kind of candidates that Fulbright is seeking,” note Kim Germain and Benn Williams, who serve as UIC's Fulbright Program Advisors. Since 1949, nearly 150 UIC students have received Fulbright grants.

Higher Ed’s Prickliest Pundit

Scott Galloway believes higher education is overdue for a reckoning.

How to Cope With Covid-19 Burnout

Having lived through burnout and come out of it stronger and wiser, Pope-Ruark has been sharing her experience with others, in hopes of offering support and advice for how to deal with teaching during a pandemic. Coping with burnout....

2020-2021 Recipients for the Access to Excellence Fellowship

The goal of the Access to Excellence Fellowship is to increase the number of students from historically underrepresented groups in graduate education who enter careers as researchers and college faculty. Recipients of the…

Why is Zoom so exhausting?

It’s admittedly difficult to know how much of the exhaustion many academics are feeling is about the way they’re communicating and how much is about what they’re living through. But there’s something inherently draining about video chats.