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Graduate College Directory

Services and Subject Directory Heading link

Academic and Student Services:
Academic Probation
Foundations of College Instruction
Post-Baccalaureate Campus Certificate
Limited Status Dismissals
Master's Project Approval Form
Policies and Procedures
Petitions (Zero Hours
Student Records
Araceli Aguirre631
Pre-Graduate Programs:
Graduate Pathways to Success Program (GPS)
Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP)
Allen Bryson609
Career and Professional Development
Graduate Student Outreach
Pipeline to an Inclusive Faculty (PIF)
Theresa Christenson616
Assistant Dean:
Diversity Affairs
Pre-Graduate Programs
Diversity Fellowships
Fellows Mentoring
Lunaire Ford601
Executive Assistant Dean:
Academic and Student Services
Discipline/Student Conduct
Graduate College Executive Committee
Graduate Catalog
Graduate College Operations & Administration
Graduate College Policies
Grievance Procedures
Listserv Management
UIC Global Grad Direct
Jamie Haney600
Budgets and Finance
Human Resources
Awards and Fellowship Processing
Contracts and Payments
Tiana Johnsen612
Graduate Faculty Membership
iThenticate Reports
Thesis/Dissertation Prelim Committee Approval and Exam Reports
Less Than 1 Year Prelim Exam Petitions
Extension of Prelim Exam Petitions
Chicago Metropolitan Exchange Program (CMEP)
James Kollenbroich613
New International Teaching Assistant Orientation
International Teaching Assistant Program
GC 509: Advanced English pronunciation
GC 510: Oral Communication for ITAs
GC 511: English Fluency Development
Individualized writing assistance
Writing workshops
Student advising and support
Lindsay Marshall614
Website and Social Media
Unit Security
IT Services
Image of Research
Shannon Reden624
Data Analytics & Reporting
CGS Survey
Cody Whightsil604
Fellowships & Awards
Access, Dean's Scholar, and University Fellowships
Awards (AGR, GSETMA, PGRA, PGIA, Outstanding Thesis, Graduate Mentoring)
External Fellowships (Boren, CLS, DAAD, Fulbright, etc.)
Allocated/Grant/Fellowship Tuition and Service Fee Waivers
GC 513
Benn Williams633
Academic and Student Services:
Admissions (Special use application requests, Deficiency review)
Change of Program
Foundations of College Instruction Post-Baccalaureate Campus Certificate
Master's Project Approval Form
Petitions (Advanced Standing, Time to Degree/Program Extension, Transfer of Credit)
Student Records
Kim Williams629

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