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Graduate College Fellowships & Awards

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The Graduate College offers a number of fellowships and awards, totaling almost $2 million, to graduate students. We also administer or liaise with funding agencies for additional opportunities. In Graduate College parlance, “fellowships” carry a stipend, for one or multiple years, as well as a tuition and partial fee waiver; they are used both to recruit new students and to help current students to complete their studies. “Awards” promote research, provide funds for a unique experience, or highlight achievement.

The majority of the Graduate College’s internal awards and fellowships are reviewed by our elected faculty awards committees, which are split into four disciplinary divisions: Arts and Humanities (AH), Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS), Engineering, Math, and Physical Sciences (EMPS), and Life Sciences (LS).

Our funding opportunities appear below, first fellowships and then awards. Most are run through the Fellowships Office; however, since submission policies vary, instructions should be read carefully.

Please note:  Per HR rules, students cannot simultaneously hold faculty or staff (“employee class”) positions, including hourly appointments, and receive a Graduate College fellowship or award unless the employment is a graduate assistantship or graduate hourly.

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The Graduate College offers several fellowships to support University of Illinois Chicago graduate students. Students do not apply directly for these awards. Instead, academic programs submit nominations. Students who wish to be nominated should contact their director of graduate studies (DGS) for details.

Except where noted, Graduate College fellowships carry a stipend of $30,000 as well as a tuition and partial fee waiver. Recruitment fellowships are multi-year funding packages that include fellowship years as well as an academic program-provided employment period which may be “topped” off up to the value of the fellowship stipend. Retention/completion fellowships are for a single year of stipend along with the waiver.

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The Graduate College’s internal awards foster achievement in research, mentoring, scholarship, etc. and vary in monetary amount.

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Graduate College Tuition & Fee Waivers Heading link

University of Illinois provides a limited reserve of waivers to the UIC Graduate College, which we then award to programs in three ways: allocated per semester, for students who have won individual internal and external fellowships, and for students selected for external training grants by programs.

Emergency Grants Heading link

Graduate students who experience an acute and unexpected short-term hardship are able to apply for an emergency grant. This program is being administered by the Graduate College in accordance with applicable University rules and policies. Funding for the Emergency Grant program comes from the Student-to-Student fee that is assessed to graduate students in Fall and Spring Semesters. The fund itself is limited.

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