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Fellowship for International Research

The Graduate College is piloting a new fellowship to underwrite sustained doctoral research abroad.

In the last year, philanthropic foundations announced the elimination of four significant fellowship competitions for dissertation research and completion. Two were open to graduate students in the humanities and humanistic social sciences without any citizenship restrictions; two others privileged US citizens and DACA graduate students. Following a global pandemic during which international travel was grounded, our students have an even greater need for funds for fieldwork. The Fellowship for International Research (FIR) seeks to fill this gap on a small, hyper-local scale albeit with global intentions and aspirations.

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While the Graduate College is not positioned to fill this gap completely and single-handedly, it seeks to aid those doctoral students in the humanities and humanistic social sciences at UIC who might have applied for and received such funding given our recent successes in those competitions. We welcome applications from international and domestic students, especially those from groups historically under-represented in higher education.

Recognizing a reluctance to go abroad for an entire academic year, seeking to maximize impact, and wishing to provide a quicker funding decision, we will provide fellowships with a $2,500 monthly stipend for a research stay of four to six months during the spring and summer semesters. Furthermore, we will encourage and work with FIR applicants to seek larger, external fellowships that permit longer research stays if a shorter séjour will not suffice. Due to visa reasons, international students may be limited to five months outside of the US and thus should plan accordingly.

Files will be reviewed by UIC faculty and staff.

Inaugural FIR recipients announced!

DGS or DGS Proxy submits by 4 pm CT on November 1. Heading link