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Provost’s Graduate Internship Award

The 2022 PGIA competition has closed. Recipients will be contacted May 2nd.

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Increasingly, graduate students are seeking positions outside the traditional tenure-track professoriate. To this end, the Graduate College has greatly enhanced its career and professional development offerings to help graduate students consider new career options and to build translatable skills. The Provost’s Graduate Internship Award (PGIA) is part of this effort. The springtime competition incentivizes graduate students to independently identify one short (3-month) internship opportunity that might lead to employment following graduation. This internship program is limited to full-time students, in good academic standing, who are in a PhD or terminal master’s program.

On the importance of internships for doctoral students, see: Leonard Cassuto’s “Doctoral Training Should Include an Internship,” Chronicle of Higher Education (August 28, 2020) and Robert Pearson’s “Strategies for Articulating the Value of an Internship,” InsideHigherEd (February 14, 2022). On the importance of real-world experience, see Nancy Holt and Terri Matthews, “Grad Students Need Real-World Policy Training,” Inside HigherEd (December 9, 2021) and Alice Isac, Emilie Martel, Eve Pankovitch, and Niem Huynh, “Learn by Working: Experiential Pathways in Graduate Studies,” University Affairs (March 15, 2022).

NB: The “who is hiring?” section will be updated periodically.

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DEADLINE: 4 p.m., March 18, 2022