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Higher Education News

How One Common Phrase Can Undermine Your Job Search

A phrase that I have committed myself to highlight, circle, underline or cross out in every instance so that I can share this pet peeve with each student I see. A phrase that has become the bane of my very existence: “I had the opportunity to …”

Five nations dominate global innovation – WIPO report

Five nations accounted for nearly half of all scientific activity around the world as well as the great majority of patents issued during the three years to 2017.

Here's Smarty-Pants, Home for the Holidays

[This article is from seven years ago, but still seems pertinent. -Ed.] When Melissa Boone visits her family for the holidays, she is enveloped by the clatter of pots and pans and the…

Trying Things That Scare You

Many academics have a fixed mind-set about their intelligence and their work. We’ve tied our identities to being smart, to being good at our jobs. For many of us, that’s what drew us to graduate school. And it can be a trap.

3 Ways to Survive Academe With Kids

As midcareer professors, we often hear newcomers to the tenure track worry about having to choose between academe and family life. Likewise among graduate students, the general perception is that, to succeed, they…

Internships for International Grad Students: A Step-By-Step Guide

Internships are a great way to develop your professional network in the United States and gain practical experience in your field of study before you complete your degree. Contrary to popular perception, internships aren’t just for undergraduates.

How to Create a Better Mentor for Yourself

Much is at stake in academic mentor-mentee relationships -- not just the learning and practical support that matter for career success, but also the emotional well-being of both parties. And so it’s always worth considering how to make these relation

10 Red Flags in Grant Writing

The biggest issues impacting the quality of your grant proposals may not be grant-writing problems at all. By being aware of 10 red flags in grant writing, you can avoid a so-so response to yours.

It’s Hard to Be Ill in Academe

But dealing with illness on the job — and I’m focusing here on basic health woes, not on serious long-term diseases — is a fraught issue for all academics, who tend to have porous work/life boundaries...

Academic Book Reviews Deserve Some Respect

Academic book reviews deserve to be taken seriously, and reviewers at all career stages should be encouraged to aim for innovation and creativity when writing them. Why not offer prizes in recognition of reviews that push at these boundaries?

The Case for Generalists Working in Higher Education

Should higher education professionals aspire to be specialists or generalists? A response to this question comes with a lot of “But what ifs.” However, becoming a generalist, as in acquiring a knowledge breadth through career experimentation, even

You May Not Be the Inside Candidate

While on the surface it might seem like the internal candidate is always the candidate of choice, you as the external candidate might actually be the top choice.

Graduate Students Need to Think Differently About Time

If you're a Ph.D. student reading this article, chances are that it'll take you less [sic] than five minutes. Not an outsized outlay of time, but still time you could have spent elsewhere....