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Graduate College Courses

Course IDName
GC 401Scientific Integrity and Responsible Research
(Renumbered GC 501 effective Fall 2015, see below)
GC 470Essentials for Animal Research
GC 471Experimental Animal Techniques
GC 473Seminar in Comparative Medicine
GC 491Graduate Study Abroad
GC 495Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminars
(Not currently offered)
GC 500Chicago Metropolitan Exchange Program
GC 501Scientific Integrity and Responsible Research
GC 509Advanced English Pronunciation
GC 510Oral Communication for International Teaching Assistants
GC 511English Fluency Development
GC 512Principles and Practice of Writing for Graduate Students (formerly Written Communication and Presentation Skills)
GC 513Fellowship Writing Practicum for Graduate Students
GC 550Principles of Sustainability
Certificate in the Foundations of College Instruction Courses:
GC 592Seminar in College Teaching
GC 593Foundations of College Teaching
GC 594Practicum in College Teaching