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iThenticate Review Procedures

This page has information that the student will need in order to navigate iThenticate, and provide the necessary information to the advisor, defense committee, and the Graduate College.

In an effort to help graduate students from inadvertently including previously published work in their theses or dissertations without proper citation, paraphrasing, or quoting, the Graduate College requires students to screen their theses and dissertations using iThenticate*, prior to their defense.  Access to iThenticate will be given to the student by the Graduate College upon submission of the Committee Recommendation Form for the final defense (submission of form is required a minimum of three weeks before the proposed date of defense).

The student is the sole author of their thesis or dissertation, and it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all information in their document is correctly cited and attributed, and that proper copyright permissions have been obtained. The iThenticate screening process should be only one part of their effort towards this end.  For example, iThenticate cannot detect images and figures taken from other sources, texts in languages other than English, and user error (e.g. inappropriate exclusions).

Screening a thesis or dissertation using iThenticate will not add your thesis/dissertation, or text, to the iThenticate database.

Below is the text of email announcement sent to all graduate students, graduate faculty, and graduate program staff via Graduate College listservs on December 3, 2014.

Initial Process

At least three weeks before the proposed date of defense of the completed thesis or dissertation, a Committee Recommendation Report Form must be submitted to the Graduate College.  Although the Graduate College may not process the form immediately (i.e. review the information for acuracy, approve the committee, and send the resultant blank Examination Report Form and related material to your program), within a few days of receipt of the form you will receive notification of access to iThenticate.

Once access has been granted, the student will be sent an automated email from “noreply(@),” with a subject line “Account Created for Select Faculty and Students.”  Students should check spam and/or junk folders if receipt is in doubt.  Access to iThenticate is retained until the final, fully corrected and defended version of the thesis/dissertation is uploaded into the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation system.

Students are required to review their thesis/dissertation, make appropriate adjustments, and submit the appropriate information (as described on these pages).

Introduction to Screening Your Thesis or Dissertation

The Introduction to Screening Your Thesis or Dissertation is intended to provide the student with the rationale for the iThenticate review, and to provide guidance on some common issues with citation and attribution.

iThenticate and Box Operation Manuals

The iThenticate Operation Manual and the Box Operation Manual will guide you through the process of establishing your iThenticate account (once the Graduate College has provided your access – see Initial Process section above), preparing your thesis/dissertation for review, uploading your thesis/dissertation into iThenticate, information on how to run and save the reports, properly review the results, and make corrections (if necessary), In addition, there is information on setting up a Box account and providing access within Box.

Video Demonstrations for iThenticate and Box Operations Heading link

Preparing your Document to be Uploaded.

Setting up your Account and Uploading Files.

Processing your Document and Understanding your iThenticate Report

Setting up and using Box with iThenticate

iThenticate Report Form

The iThenticate Report Form will be used to report the results of your iThenticate results to your committee and the Graduate College.  By signing the Examination Report after a passing result, the defense committee is verifying they have reviewed the iThenticate Report Form and resolved any questions that may arise in a satisfactory manner.  If there is a pass with conditions listed on the Examination Report, the person charged with verifying the conditions have been met will also verify that the changes have been properly reviewed with iThenticate. This form must be submitted to the Graduate College before your submission may be approved.