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Graduate Catalogs

The current Graduate Catalog is online and maintained by the Office of Academic Affairs, and has the most up-to-date programmatic information available.  The information in the online Graduate Catalog, as well as the other Graduate College web pages, is dynamic, and reflects, to the best of our knowledge, current up-to-date information and requirements.

When students matriculate into a graduate program at UIC they are subject to the rules and requirements of the published printed catalog in effect at that time (some exceptions apply). If program requirements or other regulations are changed after a student matriculates, the student has the right to fulfill the original requirements listed in the published catalog in effect at the time when that student initially matriculated into a program.

Archived Graduate Catalogs (Web Archive or PDF) Heading link

Begining with the 2010-2012 Graduate Catalog, printed versions are no longer available.  The official published archived versions are to be used as the official catalog.

The information in the Archived Published Catalog links provided below consists of exact copies of the information published in the archived Graduate Catalogs for the years listed. The listings under Archived Published Catalogs remain static and are only for reference for students, alumni, faculty, and staff who may have a need to view this type of information.

The archived catalogs listed below are either archived shtml web pages or PDF files (PDF can be viewed and/or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  A free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from Adobe’s web site.

  • 2016 – 2018 Archived Catalog (Unavailable)
  • 2002 – 2004 Archived Catalog (Unavailable)