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Graduate College Online Petition Information

The Graduate College has begun to convert from paper to online forms. The process currently encompasses only a few scenarios of the Graduate College General Petition. Gradually, more forms and scenarios will be added.

Following is a list of online forms currently available. Paper forms remain for other scenarios at this time.


Formbuilder is administered through the University of Illinois Office of  Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS), and is secure and FERPA compliant.  Students use netid/associated password authentication to submit a form/petition, and every reviewer in the workflow also is authenticated using their netid/associated password.


  • Graduate Student Petition
    • Extension of Time to Degree
    • Extension of Doctorate Preliminary Exam (5 year)
      • There is also a combined Extension of Time to Degree and Extension of Doctorate Preliminary Exam choice
    • Extension of Academic Probation
    • Zero Hours (specify whether Option A or B)
    • Defense Less Than 1 Year From Preliminary Exam


  • The student accesses the appropriate online form via links provided.  The currently available link is above (Graduate Student Petition).
  • Student will complete the identity authentication process (NetID and associated password).
  • Once authenticated, student will complete the online form.
    • Enter personal information requested.  Be careful to enter name and UIN accurately.
    • Use the drop down to pick the petition scenario type.  You must limit your request to the types specified.
      • If you need to petition for more than one type of scenario, complete a separate petition for each.
      • If the scenario is not yet on the dropdown list, you need to complete a paper petition at this time.
    • Choose your student type:
      • If you are a degree-seeking student or non-degree student within a program, choose that radio button.
      • If you are an unassigned nondegree student, choose that radio button.
    • Degree-Seeking Students:
      • If you have an advisor, you need to enter your advisor's netid.  (See UIC Directory for help)
    • Degree-Seeking Students or Non-degree Students Within a Program:
      • Enter the netid for the support person in your department who works with your Director of Graduate Studies (a link to a list is provided within the form)
  • If you will be graduating in the immediate term, indicate that information where requested (this hastens your graduation processing)
  • Fully explain what you are requesting on the petition, along with justification, in the text box provided.
  • If you have supporting documentation you may upload a PDF which will attach to the online petition. There is an option to include an attachment.
  • Make sure all required fields are completed, and then save/send.
  • The petition will automatically be routed to the next step in the process, based upon the netids you entered.
  • The student will receive email notification whenever someone makes their decision, and the form is sent to the next person in the workflow
  • Once the Graduate College makes the final decision the student and the program will receive notification with the complete text including all comments and any attachments the student may have provided.


Need help with online forms? Contact Shannon Reden.