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Registration Information

Registration procedures and class offerings are published in the UIC Schedule of Classes each semester and graduate students are responsible for the complete and accurate processing of their registration according to the guidelines published therein.

Graduate students who fail to register for two terms in a row (excluding summer) without taking an approved leave of absence forfeit their admission and must re-apply to Graduate College and be re-admitted to the program. Re-admission is not guaranteed, and re-admitted students may have to fulfill degree requirements currently in place, if they have changed.

New students may register during the designated period before the beginning of their first term or during the late registration period (days one to ten for fall and spring, days one to five for summer). Currently enrolled students should register during the early registration period in the previous term. Registration information will be mailed to all currently enrolled and new students prior to registration. Continuing students who are not currently enrolled will not be sent registration information and must wait for the open registration period. Students who wait to register at late registration will be assessed a late registration fee and may experience limited course availability.

Registration for Zero Hours

See Zero Hours Registration

(See also Degree Requirements, Doctoral Degrees, and Master’s Degrees).

Repetition of Courses

Students can repeat a course for credit if:

  • The course is designated in the Schedule of Classes with the phrase "May be repeated for credit."
  • The course is one in which a grade of D, E, F, or U was received. In such cases the course can be repeated only once and counted only once toward the degree requirements; the original grade continues to be included in the computation of the Graduate Degree GPA. The approval of both the instructor who will give the course and the director of graduate studies is required.
  • The course is one in which a student has received a permanent Incomplete (I) (see Grades).