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Public Service Graduate Internship Award – Hosts

The units below have expressed an interest in hosting an intern and provided a short description. The list is NOT comprehensive. Student may seek other options on campus.

Descriptions have been provided by the host unit. Students should send inquiries to, or seek further information from, the contact person listed. Listings are in no particular order. Please note that the competition's deadline has been extended to 5 pm, 5/13/2020. It is the student's responsibility to check eligibility factors.

Units with multiple openings will have the number listed parenthetically.

FAQs Heading link

Q1: Which terminal master’s degree programs are eligible?

A1: For this competition, UIC’s terminal master’s programs are: Architecture (MArch; MS); Architecture in Health Design (MS); City Design (MCD); Civic Analytics (MS); Design Criticism (MA); Biomedical Visualization (MS); Environmental & Urban Geography (MA); Forensic Science (MS); Forensic Toxicology (MS); French and Francophone Studies (MA); Graphic and Industrial Design (MDes); History (MAT); Latin American & Latino Studies (MA); Moving Image, New Media Arts, Photography, Studio Arts (MFAs); Museum and Exhibition Studies (MA); Occupational Therapy (MS); Spanish (MAT). Students in professional programs and/or programs not under the auspices of the Graduate College are ineligible.

Q2: How does this differ from an assistantship?

A2: Linguistically dating to 17th century French medical training and conceptually akin to the medieval apprenticeship model, “to intern” is to gain practical experience in a particular field with our without pay. An assistantship is employment to perform proscribed duties. Harkening back to an earlier period of US history with high unemployment and embracing the university’s mission “to train professionals in a wide range of public service disciplines” and “to address the challenges and opportunities facing not only Chicago but all Great Cities of the 21st century,” the emphasis here is on experience and public service.

Updates Heading link

This list will be updated periodically. Last update:  16:05, May 13, 2020.


4/28/20: (1) OVCR – withdrawn; VPUAA updated to OAD

4/29/20: Honors College added

4/30/20: Revision to Study Abroad description; Arab American Cultural Center – no longer accepting inquiries

5/1/20: Department of African American Studies added; deadline extended to 5/13; Department of Educational Psychology is no longer accepting inquiries

5/4/20: Department of Germanic Studies added; Language and Culture Learning Center added; MUSE – no longer accepting inquiries; Study Abroad – no longer accepting inquiries; Office of Diversity (Data) – no longer accepting inquiries; OVCR – no longer accepting inquiries

5/5/20: Department of Art History – positions added; revision to Philosophy’s projects; FAQs added

5/6/20: Department of Art History – contact information updated; Sustainability SITES position – no longer accepting inquiries; DCC – no longer accepting inquiries.

5/8/20: Department of Philosophy – no longer accepting inquires; “FAQ” section moved above “Updates”; Study Abroad – RE-OPENED; Women’s Leadership & Resource Center – two positions added; DCC – added second position; Honors College – no longer accepting inquiries

5/11/20: Office of Advising Development and the DCC – no longer accepting inquiries; added SPH Collaboratory.

5/12/20: Added GWS position; Office of Advising Development re-opened search.

5/13/20: Sustainability positions filled.