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Awards & Diversity Awards Committee Resources

Graduate College Awards  & Diversity Awards Committee Memberships.

2022-2023 Membership
*Elected 4 per division 3 year terms
@Appointed 2 per division 1 year terms
Arts and Humanities
*Elise Archias Art History 2022-2025
@Beate Geissler Art 2022-2023
*Clare Lyster Architecture 2021-2024
*Nasser Mufti English 2021-2024
*Jeff Sklansky History 2021-2024
@Daniel Sutherland Philosophy 2022-2023
Behavioral and Social Sciences
@Marcus Casey Economics 2022-2023
@Paul-Brian McInerney Sociology 2022-2023
*Liat Ben-Moshe Criminology, Law, and Justice 2021-2024
*Michelle Parker-Katz Special Education 2020-2023
*Bill Parkinson Anthropology 2020-2023
*Kate Zinsser Psychology 2021-2024
Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences
@Tom Driver Chemistry 2022-2023
*Olga Evdokimov Physics 2021-2024
*Alexander Furman Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science 2022-2025
*James Lee Bioengineering 2020-2023
*Carmen Lilley Mechanical Engineering 2021-2024
@Sudip Mazumder Electrical and Computer Engineering 2022-2023
Life and Health Sciences
*Tanvi Bhatt Physical Therapy 2022-2025
*Mia Cajita Nursing 2021-2024
*Giamila Fantuzzi Kinesiology & Nutrition 2020-2023
@Steve Lee Pharmaceutical Sciences 2022-2023
@Adam Oberstein GEMS - Microbiology & Immunology 2022-2023
*Teresa Orenic Biological Sciences 2021-2024
2022-2023 Membership
*Elected (all members) 2 per division 2-year staggered terms
Arts and Humanities
*Silvia Malagrino Art 2021-2023
*Francesco Marullo Architecture 2022-2024
Behavioral and Social Sciences
*Lorena Garcia Latin American & Latino Studies/Sociology 2021-2023
*Charles Hounmenou Social Work 2022-2024
Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences
*Cecilia Gerber Physics 2022-2024
*Constantine "Dino" Megaridis Mechanical & Industrial Engineering 2021-2023
Life and Health Sciences
*Vadim Gaponenko GEMS - Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics 2022-2024
*David Marquez Kinesiology & Nutrition 2021-2023