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English Oral Proficiency Certification

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The State of Illinois Bill 1516 requires that all new and incoming ITAs must be orally proficient in English before they are given instructional responsibilities in the classrooms, discussions, laboratories or office hour consultations.

ALL newly appointed and incoming International Teaching Assistants must be assessed for English oral proficiency. To assess an incoming student’s English oral proficiency, the student will take part in either an Oral Certification Interview (OCI FAQs) or an Oral Verification Interview (OVC FAQs).The results of this assessment are either Full Certification or Conditional Certification

•             Full Certification – the student has met the oral proficiency requirements and can assume full teaching responsibilities.

•             Conditional Certification – the student has not met the oral proficiency requirements and must take one to two semesters of English support courses.

To schedule an Oral Verification Check (OVC) or Oral Certification Interview (OCI):

Below is a chart to help clarify our testing process.