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Jillian Aurisano and Michael Lewis, computer science graduate students in the CAVE2™. CAVE2™ is the next-generation large-scale virtual-reality environment created in the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at UIC.
Physiology Laboratory at UIC
Graduate students Carlos Madrigal (MD) and Tammy Tamayo (MD/PhD) work with Dr. Jesus Garcia-Martinez in his lab in the Physiology Department. At UIC, graduate students have unsurpassed research opportunities across a wide spectrum of disciplines.
The UIC Graduate College organizes special events and workshops in addition to offering fellowships and providing administrative and other support services to graduate students. This photo is from a Graduate College excursion to the Field Museum.
The Image of Research is an annual interdisciplinary exhibit competition to showcase the breadth and diversity of graduate research at UIC. "Zebraprinting" by Mayank Lahiri, a graduate student in computer science, won first place in the 2011 competition.
Threshold by Joshua Albers
The Image of Research is an annual interdisciplinary exhibit competition to showcase the breadth and diversity of graduate research at UIC. "Threshold" by Joshua Albers, a graduate student in new media arts, won first place in the 2013 competition.
The Graduate College participates in the Illinois African American and Latino Higher Education Alliance Dialogue and Research Forum to showcase the scholarly work of underrepresented students from Illinois.

Education News

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Diversity Matters

Diversity Matters
The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is among the most diverse public research universities in the U.S. The Graduate College, through the Office of Recruitment and Diversity, furthers UIC’s commitment to increasing social and cultural diversity that deepens the academic pursuits of our graduate students and faculty. Our programs and initiatives emphasize the recruitment, retention, and success of underrepresented-minority graduate students, especially at the PhD level.

Announcements & Updates

Posted: Jan 29, 2014

FAQs on taxation of Graduate Assistantship Tuition Waivers may be found ...

Posted: Jan 29, 2014

The Graduate College has established an Emergency Grant to provide financial help to graduate students who may experience acute, unexpected...