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FMC Technologies Educational Fund

FMC Educational Fund Fellowship

2014-2015 Application Instructions

Description: An anticipated $12,000 for one UIC masters student, and one $20,000 for one UIC doctoral student will be awarded, plus a tuition and selected fees waiver (contingent on the recipients being degree-seeking in a Graduate College program) for one academic year. Awards are not renewable, but previous winners are welcome to reapply. For more information on the background and history of the award, please visit the UIUC website at

Application Deadline: the UIC on-campus deadline is 5:00 p.m., Monday, February 10th. 

Eligibility: The spirit of the FMC Fellowship is to facilitate the education of students who would be viable candidates for employment at FMC Technologies, Inc. Candidates for a Masters Degree in Business Administration or Engineering, or related areas, are particularly encouraged to apply. Ph.D. candidates will also be given full consideration. Within these curricula, all students are eligible, including those who have previously held an FMC award, either as undergraduates or graduates, and persons who have been employees of FMC Technologies, Inc., or are sons or daughters of employees. Applicants MUST be  currently enrolled UIC full-time and must continuing their studies full-time in 2014-2015 (spring 2014 graduates are not eligible). There is no citizenship requirement.

Application: The following materials must be submitted IN THE NOTED ORDER by the campus deadline, to Marie Khan ( in ONE COMPLETE ELECTRONIC PDF. If any of your letters of rec are being emailed or mailed to me separately, or any transcripts, please let me know. Those I can add to the file I receive from you. 

    1.FMC Educational Fund Fellowship Transmittal Form: This is a form which you and your Director of Graduate Studies should complete- it is the first page in your application.

    2. Notice of Graduate Admission: this is the letter from the UIC Graduate College confirming your admission to a graduate program. If you have not retained a copy, your department should have one on file.

    3.Application for Graduate Appointment: completed and signed by the applicant. Click on the link to obtain this form.Do not provide a 300-word statement; instead, you must include a Background Essay, as described below. Do not write “refer to résumé” and include a résumé; the résumé will NOT be reviewed by the selection committee.   

    4. Three Letters of Recommendation: Recommendation letters must be written specifically for your application to the FMC award -- letters from your application to graduate school are not permitted.  Recommendation letters can be mailed or emailed directly to Marie Khan (, mailing address: 601 S. Morgan Street, 633 UH, MC 192, Chicago, IL 60607).  Letters in any form must include a signature. If you are personally dropping the letters off, they should be in a sealed and signed envelope.

    5. Background Essay: this is a two- to three-page background statement/essay, that should describe you and include any link between your research and study interests and the FMC. Essays should be double-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font with 1” margins all around.

    6. Transcripts: all post-secondary transcripts are required.  Scanned photocopies of OFFICIAL transcripts from any non-UIC institutions are required; for UIC or other UI instutitions, unofficial documentation such as a BANNER printouts are fine. Marie Khan will pull take care of these, for all applicants. 


Please do not send materials other than those described above, such as résumés, vitas, published articles, TOEFL scores, any sort of cover sheet, etc. They will not be reviewed by the selection committee.
Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Applications submitted past 5 p.m. on Monday, February 10th, will not be accepted