Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual harassment is defined by law and includes any unwanted sexual gesture, physical contact, or statement that is offensive, humiliating, or an interference with required tasks or career opportunities at the university. Sexual harassment is prohibited under federal and state discrimination laws and the regulations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The University of Illinois will not tolerate sexual harassment of students or employees and will take action to provide remedies when such harassment is discovered. The university environment must be free of sexual harassment in work and study.

In order to assure that the university is free of sexual harassment, appropriate sanctions will be imposed on offenders in a case-by-case manner.

The University will respond to every complaint of sexual harassment reported.

Information about the University’s approved procedures for dealing with cases of sexual harassment may be obtained by phoning (without name given if desired), by writing, or by visiting the Office for Access and Equity, 717 Marshfield Building, 809 South Marshfield Avenue, Phone: (312) 996-8670.