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The registration period for a term consists of priorityand open periods begininng appoximately two months prior to the beginning of the term, and a late registration period during the first through tenth-day of the term (fifth-day in summer). All eligible continuing students who were registered the previous term (or Spring term, for Fall registration) are assigned a Time Ticket before the registration process for the term begins. The Time Ticket is the student's prioroty registration date.  Notification of availability of the Time Ticket is viewable by the student in Student Self-Service through UIC Web For Student. Graduate degree students who were registered the previous term are assigned to the first week of priority registration. Students may register at the priority time or any time after during the registration period (priority, open, or late), but should take advantage of the earlier scheduling to obtain the most desired classes. Nondegree students (graduate and undergraduate), students returning from a leave of absence (via approved petition), students classified as continuing but who were not registered the previous term, and newly admitted/readmitted students will have Time Tickets for the open registration period.

The registration hierarchy is as follows (dates are published online from the Office of Registration and Records (ORR)):


Continuing Student Status & Registered the Previous Term (or Spring Term for Fall Registration)

Priority registration occurs for approximately four weeks.  Time Tickets for Graduate Degree students are timed in the first two days.

  • Graduate Degree
  • Special Groups
  • Graduate Professional
  • Seniors
  • Juniors
  • Sophmores
  • Freshman
  • Nondegree Continuing, Graduate & Undergraduate


Follows immediately after Priority Registration

  • Students Returing from an Approved Leave of Absence & Continuing Students who Took One Term Off
  • New Admits for the Registration Term, Graduate


Follows immediately after Open Registration through the official 10th day, 5th day in Summer

  • all students eligible to register

Students will be restricted from registration if they have a financial or other registration hold, e.g., if they owe the university money from the current or a previous term. Students will not be allowed to register until their account is paid, and requests to register after the registration deadline will not be approved if the student failed to clear a hold during the regular registration periods.  Other holds that may stop registration include Admission Office transcript hold and Medical Immunization Hold.  Additionally, holds from any other University of Illinois campus effect UIC activity (e.g. student with a hold from UIUC will not be able to register or obtain transcripts from UIC).

  • Registration and registration changes are accomplished by the student using the UIC Web for Student. On that site there is also a chart with the various resources for help, depending upon what sort of problem the student encounters.
  • Degree-seeking students must obtain advising from their program before attempting to register. If the department utilizes advising holds, the hold must be updated by appropriate program staff after advising so that the student may register.
  • Nondegree students usually do not receive formal advising but should obtain permission to register from the department offering the course, in case there are restrictions.
  • If the student is unable to register because of course restrictions, time conflicts, or closed sections, the department offering the course must put an override in Banner for the student. The student must then register for the course. Staff no longer has the ability to directly add the student to the class roster, only to provide the overrride. Departments should not provide a section override if the room capacity for the course is already at the maximum.
  • If a section is closed but the room maximum capacity has not been reached, the program offering the course must contact the Timetable Office to have the capacity for the section increased before the student can register.
  • Students may have a variety of holds, other than advising, which affect their ability to register. These include financial, immunization, incomplete debt counseling, etc. The office that placed the hold is the only office that can remove it. Students must contact those offices to resolve the problem. Students may view holds via Web For Student at any time, so it is to their advantage to remove any such holds before the registration process. A student could possibly have a hold from UIUC or UIS. If it is a financial hold from one of the other campuses within the U of I system, payment can be made at UIC. If it is another type of hold, the student must contact the relevant office at the other campus.
  • After a student completes a registration transaction, the student should verify their schedule to ensure the correct information was entered. Students should immediately verify their schedule after completing transactions by following the directions. A student may verify their schedule at any point during the term.
  • By completing a registration transaction, a student automatically agrees to the financial obligations incurred (tuition and fees). Only a registered student who drops all classes/hours before the term begins will have a complete reduction of charges. Course drops through the tenth-day (fifth-day in summer) may result in a reduction of charges if there is a tuition-range change. Complete withdrawal of all courses after classes begin are subject to a pro-rata refund through the tenth week of the term (fifth week for summer).
  • Many colleges and/or individual departments have tuition differential charges.  This charge is added or not added to a student's bill based upon the student's program code of record in Banner, not the individual course the student takes (except for online or continuing education courses which may have a different tuition schedule).
  • Students who would like a complete withdrawal of all courses for the term through the tenth-day (fifth-day in summer) must drop all courses online, except for one, and then follow the instructions online to electronically inform the Registration Office of the intent to have the last course dropped. The Registration Office will process the request, as of the date of the request, and issue the appropriate Cancellation of Registration or University Withdrawal. After the tenth-day (fifth-day in summer) the student must complete a University Withdrawal form, obtaining all relevant signatures, and submit it to the Graduate College.
  • Students who register for zero hours credit of 597/598/599 (master's project/master's thesis/doctoral dissertation) must have authorization from the Graduate College through the petition process. For "option A," a petition is only required the first term of zero hours. The student registers for zero hours of the appropriate course (597/598/599) through the online registration system. For "option B" (doctoral students only), a petition must be submitted each time renewal is needed (from one term to one year at a time on a single petition), if necessary. The student should register for 0 hours of 599 through the online registration system. All petitions for zero hours must arrive in the Graduate College by the tenth-day of the term (fifth-day for summer). The student should register for the appropriate 0 hours before receiving the results of the petition from the Graduate College, as adjustments can be done later for the rare instances where it is needed.
  • Consult the UI-Integrate Learning Center website for course manuals on overriding/adding students to courses for such reasons as closed class, maximum enrollment reached, courses and time restrictions, and maximum hours. Instructions on placing/removing advising holds may also be found on the UI-Integrate website. Only the department offering the course may override/add. Only the department placing the hold (student's department) may release an advising hold.

Students may change their schedule any time after their initial registration, through the tenth-day (fifth-day in summer) of that term, subject to course availability.

The late registration period occurs during the first to tenth-day of the term (first to fifth-day for summer). A late fee of $50 is charged to all students who register after this period, with the exception of students who were admitted too late to register earlier. Regulations regarding financial obligations incurred apply equally to students who register during the late period.

Students should be advised that petitions for exceptions to the deadlines for registration (and change of courses - drops/add/change of sections/change of hour for a variable credit course) will not be approved unless the late transaction was caused by demonstrated university error, student illness, or family emergency. For a request to register once the late registration period has ended, the student must complete a Petition to Register After the Registration Deadline. The Graduate Student Petition form is not required and should not be used. In addition to the completed petition, students must submit a Graduate College Registration Revision Form and supply adequate documentation for the exception to be reviewed. The Registration Office has final approval on late registration requests.

See Forms.

See also Dropping and Adding Courses; Financial Obligation/EncumbrancesHolds on Students; Petitions; Refund-Pro Rata; Time TicketWithdrawal and Cancellation; and Zero Hours Registration