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Refund-Pro Rata

Registered students who cancel their registration via the Student Access System before classes begin have all relevant financial obligations for that term discharged.

Students who wait until the first day of the term or later to withdraw from all courses have only part of their financial obligation eliminated, depending upon the timing of their withdrawal. Students withdrawing from all courses from week one through ten (fall and spring) and week one through five (summer) receive a pro-rata refund. Consult the policy on tuition, fees and other charges and the financial obligations and refund policy for complete a description and deadlines.

Note that course drops that result only in changes of tuition ranges, i.e., not a complete withdrawal of all classes, have no effect on the tuition bill after the tenth day (fifth in summer) day of the term. That is, a course drop while remaining in another class or classes does not reduce the tuition charge after the tenth day (fifth in summer).

See also Withdrawal and Cancellation; Dropping and Adding Courses; and Registration