Foundations of College Teaching Course – GC 593

Foundations of College Teaching Course – GC 593

GC 593 is designed for students across all disciplines. The course is open to degree-seeking students in the Graduate College, with priority given to those students with active TA appointments. The course carries 3 hours of credit, runs for 16 weeks and is graded standard A-F. GC 593 is eligible to be used as a free elective, although all programs may not allow the credit to be used towards degree requirements. Students are advised to verify whether or not credit may be used towards degree requirements with their Director of Graduate Studies, if this is a concern. The emphasis of this course is to prepare new and current teaching assistants to become better college educators for undergraduate learners, and recognize the requirements for job hiring processes in high education.

Course objectives

  1. Prepare graduate students how to teach at the college level
  2. Demonstrate effective teaching practices
  3. Apply an evidence-based approach to teaching

Course outcomes

  1. Apply best practices to designing, delivering and evaluating a college course
  2. Teach confidently in a diverse college setting
  3. Develop a teaching portfolio