Seminar in College Teaching Course – GC 592

Seminar in College Teaching Course – GC 592

The seminar extends the appreciation and insight of the role of a college educator based on the experiences of invited speakers, contemporary literature from the field and emerging trends affecting the role, expectations, and delivery of college education. The course is open to degree-seeking students in the Graduate College, with priority given to those with active TA or adjunct appointments. The course carries 3 hours of credit, runs for 16 weeks, and is graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. GC 592 is eligible to be used as a free elective; however, some programs may not allow the credit hours to be used toward degree requirements. The emphasis of this course is to encourage students to consider legislative and institutional policy influences on course teaching in undergraduate education.

Course objectives

  1. Discuss the roles and responsibilities of a college educator to enhance student engagement.
  2. Comprehend the range of complementary methods of teaching and assessment in arts and humanities, behavioral and social sciences, engineering, and physical sciences, and life sciences.

Course outcomes

  1. Recognize the impact of technology on teaching, learning, and assessment.
  2. Relate the range of student engagement techniques to diverse student populations.
  3. Use the knowledge to make a professional development plan.