Certificate in the Foundations of College Instruction

The Graduate College at the University of Illinois at Chicago offers a post-baccalaureate campus certificate entitled Foundations of College Instruction (CFCI). The program code for the Campus Certificate in the Foundations of College Instruction is 20FS5531NDEG.

The series of courses making up the Certificate in Foundations of College Teaching are designed to provide a thorough preparation for any graduate student who teaches, tutors and mentors students in undergraduate education. Each course is guided by a set of objectives to achieve specific measurable outcomes. The content is adjusted for each course reflecting shifts in internal and external drivers of change such as education policy, financing, technology, student expectations and hiring trends. The program is non-disciplinary providing every student a foundational experience and awareness they can apply to their specific educational context.

The certificate will appear on the student’s official transcript and provides a tangible credential for one’s curriculum vita.

Introduction Video

This video gives a brief introduction to the Foundations of College Instruction Certificate offered through the Graduate College.

Application Form

CFCI Application Form

Student Testimonial


“The course showed best practices is teaching which were completely unknown to me previously. It also showed an abundance of methods which are invaluable. Understanding of the system was incredibly helpful and this instructor has a large amount of his own experiences and practices that are unique and are of big value to this course.”

MS Student  |  Kinesiology

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