There are a number of different orientation sessions for graduate students.  Many are offered only to students who enter in the Fall Semester, although some are also offered in other terms.  What follows are general descriptions of the major orientation sessions available for graduate students.  Not all will apply to your situation.

  • The Graduate College New Student Orientation is for any new graduate student, degree-seeking or nondegree, whose program is within the Graduate College.  The session is typically held during the week before Fall Semester begins (towards the middle of August).  New students for Fall register for the orientation through UIC Connect.  (Note: Only applicants who have been officially admitted by the Graduate Admissions Office receive access to UIC Connect. Access to UIC Connect is available from the time of official admission through the end of the registration period for the term of admission.)

Sample Agenda:  2017 Orientation Agenda

Graduate College Orientation Resources

Students admitted to Spring or Summer terms, or new students for Fall who miss the orientation may obtain the Student Handbook online at https://uofi.box.com/s/8w2ellwj970gdirxg4fpn2rp1j7rnr8m

  • Individual degree program orientation(s) – Most graduate degree programs hold their own orientation sessions for new students to their program.  The sessions may run multiple days and may involve a program-specific assistantship session (if applicable).  If your program offers an orientation it is extremely important for you to attend the sessions.  Consult with your academic program, and the program-specific information on UIC Connect where many programs post information about their orientation.  In many cases the program specific orientation is mandatory.If you have any questions about your specific degree program orientation please contact the program directly.
  • The Campus-Wide New Teaching Assistant (TA) Orientation  is designed for new teaching assistants for Fall Semester. For more information please click on the link in this bullet..
  • The Office of International Services (OIS)  offers a New International Student Orientationthat is mandatory for new international (student visa holders) students for Fall and Spring Semesters.  OIS sends information on the orientation directly to the newly admitted international student.  International students with questions should consult the OIS website or contact OIS directly.