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GradView: Admission Application Email Notification, View & Search

The Graduate College and the Office of Student Systems Services worked to develop a timely and easy notification tool, called GradView, for programs to be informed of student applications that are submitted to UIC using the web (online) application.  The two GradView components are email notification/view and search/view.  Faculty and staff may view the email addresses (email notification/view) and net ids (search/view) with current access by clicking on either the Email Notification/View or the Search/View links below.  Changes should be sent to Steven Kragon (  

GradView: Email Notification/View (last updated 10 October 2013)

If a program has provided the Graduate College with an email address to receive notification of online applications received for that program, an email is sent to that address at the end of the day if a student has submitted an online application to that program.  The email contains a web link (or multiple links if more than one applicant submits to that program), which when accessed, provides a digest of all information the applicant submitted on the application, including an email address (if provided) and other contact information.  At this point of time, UIC has just received the application into Banner, and no ohter processing has occurred.  However, this early notificaion to the program gives the opportunity for the program to contact the applicant,  to begin tracking of the application process, and other actions the program may want to begin (matching documents, etc.).  The applicaion digest may also be printed, if needed.

The email notification/view tool only allows for one email address so it is important that the address provided is for someone who will be vigilant in monitoring the information.  Alternatively, a department email address shared by a few individuals who need to monitor this information, or a private listserv created only for receiving these emails, can be utilized to allow access to the information when one individual may be away from UIC.

GradView: Search/View (last updated 10 October 2013)

An alternative, or complimentary, tool is the search/view.  Eligible individuals may search and view submitted online student application information to the program codes(s) that are withinyour jusrisdiction.  Searches may be done using last name, part of a last name, UIN, start/stop search dates, or term.  If you input only term, all applicants to your program would result.  The results are web links which, when accessed, provide a digest of all information applicants submitted on the application, including an email address (if provided) and other contact information.  Depending upon when the search is done and the search parameters, the application may have been just received or may have already been processed through the decision phase. This tool allows flexibility, and if used in conjuction with the email notification/view tool, offers the program a number of strategies for effective and timely actions. 

The search/view tool allows for up to three net ids.  Net ids (not email addresses) are necessary since Bluestem secure protection is used.  Therefore, department email addresses and listserv addresses cannot be used. Since up to three net ids are allowed, there is sufficient flexibility for a number of individuals to access the search/view function.

How to Access GradView Search/View

Effective September 21, 2011, access to the search/view function has changed.  The previous url that was posted on this page is no longer active.  Instead, the Search/View function is now accessed through the UIC portal, "my.UIC." Read the following to find the location of the Search/View application of GradView:

  • Go to
  • Log into - see left column (use your NetID and password associated with your NetID)
  • Click on the "Services" link on top menu
  • Click on the "Information Technology" tab
  • You will then see an Information Technology Applications portlet
  • In the Information Technology Applications portlet choose "UIC Gradview Application View"
    [NOTE:  if you click on "UIC Gradview Application View" and nothing seems to have happened, minimize the window as the new window may have opened behind the current window]