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Online Funding Resources

The Community of Science Pivot Funding Opportunities database 

The Grant Forward

SPIN: database of federal grant opportunities

MSU Library Graduate Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans page

UIUC Graduate College Fellowship Opportunities database  

Cornell University Fellowship Database

Zintellect: The Oak Ridge Institute for Sciences and Engineering database

The "Fatomei" database:  this database is maintainted by Francisco Alberto Tomei Torres, and is especially valuable when searching for fellowships by ethnicity.  The page will link you to information on "Nationally Coveted" scholarships; you can then click on links to find scholarships specific to your ethnicity, field of study, gender, and academic level.  Be aware that a few links may be out of date.

International Education Financial Aid: This can be used both for U.S. students seeking to go abroad, or international students studying in the United States.  It links also to



The Office of Special Scholarship Programs at UIC:  While this office works only with undergraduate and professional students, it administers a number of UIC Scholarship Awards, some of which are for graduate students.  Announcement of competitiona is usually made early in the Spring semester with deadlines in March or April.

Money for Graduate Students in the Social Sciences 2007-2009
Money for Graduate Students in the Arts and Humanities 2007-2009
Money for Graduate Students in the Physical and Life Sciences 2007-2009
Money for Graduate Students in the Biological Sciences 2007-2009
Money for Graduate Students in the Health Science 2007-2009