Congratulations to our PIF Fellows!

The Graduate College is excited to share recent accomplishments of two of our Pipeline to an Inclusive Faculty (PIF) fellows!

Ice cream cone

Hialy Gutierrez and JUSTice Cream

JUSTice Cream is a mutual aid vegan ice cream shop that donates 100% of profits to fund grassroots social justice work. Each flavor reflects a social issue and is tied to a community-based organization. Ingredients are plant-based and ethically sourced, to optimize environmental sustainability and promote fair labor practices. Ice cream will be distributed through pop ups and small/co-op markets to support small businesses, and shipping will be available depending on funding. JUSTice Cream is womxn-of-color-run, but community driven/owned.

If you are inclined to support the launch of JUSTice Cream check out the gofundme.

Event Details

Frances Crable Featured Speaker for TEDxChicago Virtual Event

Frances Crable (Cohort 3, Biological Science, Ecology and Evolution) will be featured speaker for this years TEDxChicago virtual event! On Wednesday, Sept 30th from 12-1, she will be joining Sarah Berghort, Liz Dozier, and Nicole Dreiske to discuss “Next in Education”, where we’ll learn how to reimage education through technology, arts, and community. She will specifically be talking about how she got involved in arctic research and what she hopes to do next.

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