Circle Back

Submitted by: Yannis Dimoulis

Program: Industrial Design

Division: Arts and Humanities

There’s no denying that we live in a throw-away society. Many of us consume and dispose without a second thought. Rather than focus on changing cultural habits, I felt it was time to reevaluate the materials we use with the hope of finding one that can keep up with the disposable nature of our society. Three bags of hemp fibers and a bucket of natural latex (both of which are biodegradable) were my starting points in this study. From October to May, I spent most of my academic year examining the properties of these materials and how they might help reduce the carbon and waste footprints of our society’s penchant for consumerism. My image shows a series of vessels I made, each representing a different level of my understanding as I strove to reach the most efficient version. I tried different forms of hemp, different quantities of latex, and different curing times. This allowed me to reach a point where I was in control of the materials--rather than the other way around.