Honorable Mention

Latent Epidermal Scape

Submitted by: Lauren C Sudbrink

Program: Photography, MFA

My practice consists of a series of photographs, sculptures and performances that draw parallels between photography and the human body. I conflate the skin of the human body with that of film, the skin-like surface of the photographic paper, and the traces of light that move between said skins. I synthesize skin as cellular and films as celluloid; down to the particles that make up a body’s energy via surfaces and light sensitivity. Through an excavation of sense, presence, and celluloid, my work captures moments that have yet to enter memory, blurring the boundaries between the subject, its trace, and the space that it occupies, rendering the invisible visible.

Latent Epidermal Scape is the product of process, reiteration and removal. I apply a liquid adhesive to areas of the human body. When the adhesive dries and is peeled off of the skin it results in a detailed, translucent cast. The translucency of these objects allows me to use them as negatives in the darkroom. The skin of the body is a container and a frame, the skin of the cast is an object and a void, and the photographic result re-frames and re-contains a representation of the body.