Moving Images: 2nd Place

The Endosymbiotic Relationship of Riftia pachyptila and Chemosynthetic Bacteria

Submitted by: Jacqueline Mason

NetID: jmason20

Program: Biomedical Visualization

Division: Life Sciences

The groundbreaking discovery of hydrothermal vents and the diverse ecosystems they support led to new research endeavors to uncover how these animals survived in such harsh conditions. Currently, there is a dearth in visual materials that make this research accessible to a wider range of audiences. The goal of this animation was to provide a succinct overview of how specialized symbiotic relationships support life around hydrothermal vents, specifically for the tubeworm species Riftia pachyptila. The animation was created for use in undergraduate microbiology classes. Research was conducted on the anatomy and physiology of Riftia pachyptila and an animation was developed in accordance with the learning needs of the target audience.