Moving Images: 2nd Place

ScreenABLE: Knowledge Translation Collaboratives to Promote Cancer Health Equity among Women with Disabilities

Submitted by: Ada Terman

NetID: terman2

Program: Occupational Therapy

Division: Life Sciences

Our research indicates that women in Illinois with physical disabilities are 26% less likely (OR=.74, p<0.001) to receive age appropriate breast cancer screenings than their non-disabled peers. Qualitative findings further indicate that provider knowledge on how to effectively work with and accommodate women with a wide range of physical and functional impairments creates barriers to care. As part of a doctorate level occupational therapy elective class, six graduate students and two women with spinal cord injuries and cancer participated in a knowledge translation collaborative. Under the supervision of Dr. Susan Magasi and with the technical assistance of Frey Hoffman, participants collaboratively wrote, directed, and produced a short film to address attitudinal and knowledge-based barriers to mammography. By showing the real time experience and internal thoughts of a woman with a physical disability as she receives a mammogram, this video aims to educate health professionals and consumers on the rights and experiences of women with physical disabilities when accessing preventative care.