Moving Images: 1st Place

X Inactivation - Genetics of Calico Cats

Submitted by: Mao Miyamoto

NetID: mmiyam2

Program: Biomedical Visualization

Division: Life Sciences

This animation is made to introduce pre-medical and higher-level college students majoring biology to X chromosome inactivation. This X inactivation involves concepts and expertise of developmental biology, genetics, and molecular biology. Thus, it is an excellent subject to teach biology comprehensively while it is a challenging topic for students to fully understand. This animation starts with an introduction that calico cats, the most visible example of x inactivation, are almost all females due to X inactivation. By using a calico cat as the main character, the animation strives to tell the story in a more engaging way. A 2D animation technique is used to explain the conceptual information such as set up of sex chromosomes in mammals and genes of fur colors in calico cats while 3D techniques are used to explain in depth information of the molecular biology. The concept part and the technical part are brought reciprocally to make the transition smoother and more natural, and to tell the story more interestingly.