Moving Images: 2nd Place

TyrantCroc: A Reconstruction

Submitted by: Robert Shonk

NetID: rshonk2

Program: Biomedical Visualization

Division: Life Sciences

The animation I’ve submitted, “TyrantCroc: a Reconstruction” is a shorter version of an animation completed in support of my project research, titled “TyrantCroc: Reconstruction and Visualization” and subtitled “An Inquiry Into the Role of Visualization Media in the Reconstruction of Incomplete Fossilized Remains”. The goal of this project was to create a digital reconstruction of the skull of an ancestor of the crocodile called TyrantCroc using data derived from CT scans of TyrantCroc and other fossil specimens. This animation is more than just a depiction of the process, its creation was the process. Each time a new model was introduced and reshaped or resized after consultation with experts, the before and after was preserved on the timeline. About 15 of these sequences were completed and rendered in Autodesk 3D Studio Max® and then combined in Adobe After Effects®. Expository type was then added. Animation was a major part of my education in the Biomedical Visualization program, and with this project I was able to use most of what I learned.