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Image of Research Honorable Mention 2

Getting in Touch With the Data

Arthur Nishimoto, Computer Science

Large scalable resolution display walls are a growing environment for multiple researchers to view and understand large amount of data spread. Many techniques have been developed to interact in this environment. While multi-touch has found widespread use among mobile devices, limited work has been done expanding touch to large display walls where multiple users can interaction on the wall simultaneously while working independently or collaboratively.

The research presented in this image explores a user interface design that enables multiple users to browse and select through a collection of files on the multi-touch Cyber-Commons wall at the UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory. The radial menu allows one or more users to access the menu anywhere on the display and open a thumbnail browser within easy reach. The additional touch information displayed highlights the touch gesture system designed to translate individual touch points on the screen to events used to drive user interface interactions such as clicking, dragging, opening menus, and removing content from the shared display.