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How do I prepare for the PE?

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The ITA must prepare the following:

  • A presentation prepared as if the ITA were going to present information to an undergraduate student or someone who is unfamiliar with the field.
  • A handout that will help students better understand the material. Bring copies to the presentation:
    • It should be in outline form. Do not include too much information.
    • It can include pictures, formulas, charts, or graphs that will help understanding.
    • It should leave enough room so students can take notes.
  • 2-3 quiz questions that check the “student” evaluators' understanding of some aspect of the material presented. The quiz question should require a little thinking on the part of the “students”.
    • For example, an appropriate quiz question might be: Name the steps in the process presented, and specify your understanding of the purpose/function of each step. 


  • Make an outline of the material that you intend to present. Keep in mind that this is a short presentation. Do not try to cover an entire topic. Pick part or a stage of a topic. 
    • For example, if you choose website design, don't try to teach everything about website design. Instead, teach something small, like an introduction to the 5D Process.
  • Make notes or highlight key words, and practice the pronunciation with a native speaker.
  • Be prepared to give clear examples or analogies in order to illustrate the concepts.
  • Prepare more than one quiz question ahead of time, so you can choose the one that is most appropriate to ask at the end of the presentation. Check with a native speaker for grammar and spelling.
  • Think about what you will put on the board and how you will organize the board visually, so that it is easy for the student to understand.
  • Think of questions that the student might ask you during the presentation, so that you are prepared to answer them.
  • Practice giving your presentation out loud a few times.

What NOT to do:

  • Power Point presentations are not accepted. We want to evaluate your language and presentation skills, as well as your interaction skills.
  • Do not write out your presentation word for word or plan to read it from a piece of paper. The PE is designed to assess your language and presentation skills, as well as your interaction skills.
  • Do not try to cover too much information. Technical terms and essential background information should not be the focus of the presentation. Remember, this is a short presentation and it's meant to be presented to students at an introductory level, not to professors or colleagues.