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Housing on Campus & in Chicago

Listed below are a number of resources available for you to investigate various housing options.  In addition to the Campus Housing office, your academic program may have further information.

On-campus Housing for Graduate Students

Questions, comments, and concerns should be directed to Campus Housing. For specific information, check the housing staff page to see who could best answer your question. If you're still not sure who would be best to ask, or if you have general questions, contact Campus Housing at the information below.

USPS Address:
Campus Housing (MC 579)
818 South Wolcott Street
Chicago, IL 60612

Phone: 312.355.6300
Fax: 312.355.6304


Note:  If you are unfamiliar with Chicago and its various neghborhoods, consult with your program staff or other UIC students about safety and suitability of the neighborhood where you may consider renting, as well as for access to available public transportation. Portals for off-campus housing are provided as a service and are not necessarily endorsed by the university.