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Honorable Mention, 2010

Slow Burn

Michael Sirianni, Art & Design

I have always been interested in the process of identity construction. In my thesis project I explore how seemingly ephemeral artifacts, transitory effects of circumstance and system, reveal the underlying relationships that give context to self. I search for patterns in the unintended and look for momentary vulnerabilities where artifice begins to break down. I am fascinated with these fissures because I believe they operate as signifiers of human limitation, of an inability to predict and control, and of a possibly subconscious or external force at work. It is in these gaps of intentionality and facility that I believe we can start to investigate that which exists beyond complete comprehension, namely issues surrounding identity's temporality and dependency.

Slow Burn explores the emergence of a pattern developing, out of sight, in the library. A circumstantial product of books' shelving and stasis, light has written onto the covers of these volumes, indiscriminate of author or subject heading. These are the marks of immobility, scars of books left behind, signs of an encroaching obsolescence. Checking out over four hundred such light-imprinted library books, I used the color spectrum, a structure internal to the affecting agent, light, to organize this new collection.