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Graduate College Tuition and Fee Waivers

University of Illinois provides a limited reserve of waivers to the UIC Graduate College, which we then award to programs in three ways: allocated per semester, for students who have won individual internal and external fellowships, and for students selected for external training grants by programs.

Directors of Graduate Studies and their staff should refer to the Waiver Handbook for complete information on Graduate College waivers, including how they are allocated, how to request them, and deadlines.

In general, a student holding a Graduate College waiver must be registered full time, being at least 12 credits in the Fall and Spring and 6 credits in the summer. (Exceptions are made for students with disabilities documented by the UIC Disability Resource Center and illnesses/health conditions that a doctor does not recommend full-time enrollment with.) The student must also be in good standing.

Graduate College waivers cover the following charges:

  • Full tuition, including differential (if applicable)
  • Service fee
  • Health service fee
  • Academic facilities maintenance fund assessment (AFMFA)
  • Library and Information Technology Assessment (LITA)
  • CampusCare Health Insurance if the student chooses to be covered by the plan. This applies to Fall and Spring Semesters only (not in Summer terms):
    • $275.00 or 40% (whichever is higher) in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

Graduate College waivers do not cover the following charges:

  • General fee
  • CTA transportation fee
  • Student-to-student fee
  • Sustainability fee
  • The remainder of the cost of health insurance over the amount listed above
  • International Student fee

For a complete tuition and fee schedule, please refer to the Office of Registration and Records.

Allocated Waivers

Students who are interested in receiving an allocated Graduate College waiver must speak to the Director of Graduate Studies for their academic program. All programs have a limited and fixed number of full-time (FT) allocated waivers available (12 or more hours of enrollment); programs that have a high percentage of part-time (PT) students also have PT waivers available (requiring 8-11 hours of enrollment). Summer FT waivers require 6 or more hours of enrollment, and PT waivers require 3-5 hours. All Graduate College waivers are requested by the academic program, not directly by the student, and in order to receive an allocated waiver a student cannot have a waiver from another source on campus. The Graduate College communicates these waiver recipients' information to Financial Aid each semester.

Departments may email their Spring 2019 waiver requests to Box (email waiver attachments to 

Fellowship, Grant, and Training Grant Waivers

Graduate College students who have won a fellowship, grant, or been assigned to a training grant with a substantial stipend (approximately $20,000 or more for 12 months or $18,000 or more for 9 months) may be eligible for a tuition and fee waiver. These waivers are applied to students' accounts for the duration of their awards' funding, and maybe renewed. 

Fellowship and grant recipients who are interested in being considered for a tuition and fee waiver should complete the online fellowship waiver request form. All requests are reviewed by the Graduate College. In instances when a student's award provides a cost of education allowance, split waivers can be applied by the Graduate College so that award monies earmarked for tuition and fee costs exclusively can be taken advantage of. Split waiver worksheets are available from the Graduate College; normally departmental administrators who handle award processing in departments attend to these each semester. 

For any questions about all Graduate College waivers, please contact Benn Williams, Fellowships and Awards Coordinator, at or at 312.413.2389.

Tuition Waivers and Student Loans  

A Graduate College waiver plus any federal loans and/or work-study cannot exceed the cost of attendance for the academic year. If applying for loans and/or work-study a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed. 

Students must report Graduate College waivers to Financial Aid, because loan amounts and disbursement of funds may be affected, especially if any loan money will be used for living expenses. A fellowship stipend may affect federal student loans or work-study. Typically, students with waivers/fellowships may be limited in the amount of federal loans they can borrow. 

Students who have already received a refund for the current year in federal loans and accept a waiver/fellowship, may be responsible to return this refund to UIC. Contact your dedicated contact in the Office of Student Financial Aid for further information (contacts are listed here: the Office of Student Financial Aid).