The following grades are used at UIC:

A—4 grade points per credit hour.
B—3 grade points per credit hour.
C—2 grade points per credit hour.
D—1 grade points per credit hour (not accepted as degree credit).
E—Previous to Fall 2004, the current grade of F was designated by a grade of E.
—0 grade point per credit hour (failure; not accepted as degree credit).

DFR—grade temporarily deferred. Deferred grades may be used for thesis courses, continuing seminar, sequential courses, and certain courses that require extensive independent work beyond the term. At the end of the continuing course sequence the deferred grade for all terms must be converted either to a specific letter grade (A-F), to an I (Incomplete), or to an S or U. No credit is earned until the DFR grade is converted to a permanent grade. (Note:  Previous to Fall 2004 the grade of DFR was designated as DF.)

I—Incomplete. An incomplete grade may be given only if, for reasons beyond the student’s control, required work has not been completed by the end of the term.  An I must be removed by the end of one calendar year after the term in which the I was received.  When the student submits the course work, the instructor will grade it and change the I to the appropriate grade.  Note: Course instructors may require an earlier deadline. An I that is not replaced by a letter grade by the deadline will remain on the student’s record as an I, with no credit earned. A course in which an I was received and not removed by the deadline may be repeated for credit only once. (Note:  Previous to Fall 2004 the grade of I was designated as IN.)

NR—Not Reported.  A grade of NR is assigned if an instructor does not submit an actual grade at the end of the term.  The grade may be changed to the actual grade at a later date when the instructor completes a Supplemental Grade Report form.  (Note:  Previous to Fall 2004 the grade of NR was designated as M-Missing.)

CR— Credit; NC— No Credit. Used only in courses taken under the credit/no credit grading option. No grade points are earned and the grade is not computed in the grade point average. If the required work for the course has not been completed by the end of the term, at the instructor’s discretion an IN may be given. Graduate students may take courses on a credit/no credit basis provided that: (1) The courses are not within their immediate area of specialization, (2) such courses account for no more than one sixth of the total number of course hours taken at the University of Illinois at Chicago and counted toward a degree, and (3) they declare their intention to take a course on this basis at the time of registration and have the approval of their advisor and director of graduate studies. Some programs do not allow any Credit/No Credit courses to be used toward degree requirements. Credit/No Credit grades cannot be changed to grades A-F at a later date. (Note:  Previous to Fall 2004 the grade of CR was designated as P-Pass, the grade of NC was designated as F-Fail, and the current grade of F was desgnated as E.)

S—Satisfactory; U—Unsatisfactory. Used as grades in thesis research courses, in zero-credit courses, and in specifically approved courses. No grade points are earned and the grade is not computed in the cumulative grade point average or the graduate degree grade point average.

In the case of thesis research courses, instructors should assign an S or U grade to the course each term. They may assign a DFR grade each term until after the thesis defense is successfully completed, the thesis committee accepts the format and content of the thesis, and the Graduate College approves the format of the thesis, but this is not recommended. In the latter case, the Graduate College will notify the registrar to change the DFR grades to S. An Unsatisfactory grade can be assigned at any time when the student is not making satisfactory progress in thesis research. If this should occur, the status of the student will be reviewed by the advisor, the director of graduate studies, and the Graduate College, and the student may be dismissed from the Graduate College.

W—Withdrawn. Officially withdrawn from the course without academic penalty; no credit is earned for the course. Assigned if course is dropped after the tenth day of the semester (fifth day in summer) and before the last day of instruction for the term. This grade will remain on the transcript but does not affect the grade point average or Graduate Degree Grade Point Average.

AU—Audit.  A student may audit a course with visitor status by completing a Visitor's Permit within the official first ten (five, in Summer) days of the term.  The student does not otherwise register for a course in which they are a visitor.  Instructor and college approval are needed and the form must be returned to the Registration Office in the Office of Admissions and Records by the deadline.  There are certain restrictions on the type of course that is allowed to have visitors.  If a currently registered student completes the Visitor's Permit and wishes for the course with the AU designation to appear on the transcript, the student must inform the Registration Office when submitted the completed form.