Graduate College Professional Success Program (PSP) for Fellows

The UIC Graduate College is invested in your success and committed to helping you enhance your career and professional development as a graduate student and beyond. Succeeding in graduate school and your future career requires that you create a plan, take advantage of resources and opportunities to develop your skills, and explore career resources and options. By actively participating in professional development programs at UIC, you will build the skills intended to help you in your research, teaching, job search and enhance your life skills and employability.

The Graduate College works together with other units on campus as well as in the greater Chicago area to provide guidance, resources, workshops and programs to support you academically and professionally.

The PSP is required for University and Graduate Access (formerly Abraham Lincoln) Fellowships (only doctoral 4 year and masters 2 year fellows) that begin in the Fall 2016 term or later. All graduate students are encouraged to participate in as many of the workshops/courses listed as possible.

PSP points may only be awarded under the following conditions:

  1. The professional development is offered by the Graduate College or designated affiliates through seminars, workshops, and certain Graduate College (GC) courses.
  2. Workshops and courses are designated a numerical amount of points based on the amount of time and commitment for each session.
  3. In order to receive the PSP certification of completion:
  • Each Doctoral student must acquire 10 points over the course of their fellowship (four years).
  • Each Masters student must acquire 5 points over the course of their fellowship (two years).
  • The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is required, and should be completed in the first year.
  • Points must be acquired in at least 2 designated categories, outside of the required area.
  • Workshops may be repeated, but PSP credits will be given only once.
  • Each session must include a short assessment of learning that is to be submitted (**online form in preparation) no later than 5 business days following the completion of the workshop for PSP credit.

The workshops are open to all graduate students in the Graduate College. The following sessions are eligible for PSP credits, additional sessions will be added as needed:  When the Graduate College announces registration for workshops, PSP credit will be included in the announcement, if applicable.

Required Session

  • Individual Development Plan (IDP) (3 points)
    [this must be completed during the first academic year]

PSP participants must choose from at least two different categories below to achieve an additional 7 points.

Planning For Success (Category A)

  • What is your Game Plan? Developing Your Career Goals (2 points)
  • Dissertation Writing Camps (structured weeklong) (2 points)
  • What should I do and when should I do it? The UIC Grad Student Roadmap (1 point)
  • Planning for a Post-Doc (1 point)
  • Assessing Your Individual Development Plan (IDP) (1 point)

Expanding Your Skills (Category B)

  • Communication Workshop (1 point)
  • Mentoring Session (1 point)
  • Submitting Successful Fellowship Applications (1 point)
  • Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch (1 point)
  • Presentation Skills (1 point)
  • Giving an Oral Research Presentation at the Department Level (1 point*),
  • Giving an Oral Research Presentation at a University, Regional, National, or International Level Research Forum (2 points*)
  • Oral Research Presentation at a Graduate College Access/DFI Colloquia (2 points*)
  • Abstract Writing Workshops (2 points)
  • Cultural Competency (1 point)
  • Time Management (1 point)
  • Cultivating Your Professional Network (1 point)
  • Financial Literacy (1 point)

Developing Your Career (Category C)

  • Developing an Online Presence (1 point)
  • Understanding the Academic Job Search (2 points)
  • Careers Beyond the Academy (2 points)
  • Interviewing (1 point)
  • The CV & Resume Workshops (2 points)
  • Cover Letter Writing Basics (1 point)
  • Salary Negotiation (1 point)

Teaching Enrichment (Category D)

  • Full Course: Complete GC 593 – Foundations of College Teaching (grade of B or higher) (5 points)
  • Full Course: Complete GC 594 – Practicum in College Teaching (grade of B or higher) (5 points)
  • Full Course: Complete GC 595 – Seminar in College Teaching (grade of S) (5 points)
    (Assessments for any of the above courses should be submitted to the Graduate College following the conclusion of the course.)
  • Writing a Teaching Statement (1 point)
  • Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) (1 point)
  • Advancement of Teaching Workshops (1 point)

Leadership (Category E)

  • Graduate Student Council Departmental Representative – 1 year (2 points)
  • Graduate Student Council Service Committee – 1 year (2 points)
  • Service to a UIC Graduate Student Organization – 1 year (2 points)
  • Designated Mentor and Curriculum Development Programs – 1 year (2 points*)

*Denotes point value may change at Graduate College’s discretion; not all presentations will be approved.

Under certain circumstances, PSP credit may be given to a non-Graduate College UIC or external workshop. Approval should not be assumed and must be requested at least two weeks before the event will occur. Documentation about the event must be provided.