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First Place, 2008

Infinity Gliders

AnnMarie Cernoch, Art+Design

The idea of infinity is a personal belief. While researching how artists and scientists visualize the concept of infinity, I have found very few variations. The most popular rendering is the mathematical infinity symbol, which is well understood by most people and artists. However, I believe infinity is a more of a never-ending void. Using my own beliefs and research on the concept of infinity, I have created an intimate atmosphere of robotic creatures moving through an illusion of never-ending, multi-dimensional space.

This image is a still shot from the original physical sculpture that I created using a two-way mirror and a glass mirror to perpetuate an infinite trail of images. The project is a tangible representation of spatial infinity: small mirror-climbing robots represent the hypothetical life existing in between the physical world and the infinite void of space. Currently, a high-definition documentation video of this piece is being displayed on an ultra high-resolution tiled display system at UIC’s Electronic Visualization Laboratory.