Student Recruitment & Admission Information for Faculty/Staff

Recruitment Resources

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U of I Admissions Reform

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[last updated 03 November 2009]

Enrollment Deposits

Current list of programs with enrollment deposits.

Enrollment Management Suite

UIC is in the process of purchasing and implementing an Enrollment Management Suite for undergraduate and graduate student management.

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Revised GRE General Test

Educational Testing Services (ETS) will be revising the GRE General Test.  ETS states that the new test will be launched August 1, 2011.  This will impact some applicants for Fall 2011, although later terms will show heavier usage.  Test takers will have a free prep test available to them beginning July 2010.  For more information see

Changes to I-20 Process

Memo from James Hammerschmidt (OIS) and Tom Glenn (Admissions)
18 November 2009

Application for Student Admission - Information, Form & Changes

UIC Connect

UIC Connect is an informational site for admitted applicants to become familiar with UIC and to take them from admitted status through registered student. 

GradView: Application for Student Admission - Email Notification/View & Search/View

GradView provides authorized faculty and staff to receive email notification when an applicant submits a online (but not paper) application to your program(s).  The email contains a url where all data from the individual's application is available for viewing and printing. 

In addition, authorized faculty and staff may also search by various parameters and view/print all submitted web applications to their program(s).  


  • Information on email notification/view of student web applications submitted to UIC
  • Information on the search/view function of student web applications submitted to UIC, including url
  • Current listing of netids and email addresses, by program code, for the notification/view and search/view of student web application functions

Access email notification/view and search/view information here.

TOEFL Next Generation TOEFL-iBT

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is used extensively in Europe, Asia and Australia, and more frequently in the United States.  Effective March 13, 2009 UIC will accept IELTS results, in addition to TOEFL.