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Nomination Form for Membership to the Graduate College Faculty

Nomination Form

The Nomination Form for Graduate College Faculty Membership (*see note below) should used to nominate faculty for Graduate College faculty membership.  The form must be submitted by the Executive Officer (typically head or chair) of an academic department or equivalent unit that holds a graduate degree program.

Consult with James Kollenbroich,, with questions related to membership.

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Graduate College Faculty Membership

From Graduate College Bylaws – Article II: Membership.

Section 1. General

The faculty of the Graduate College shall be prescribed by the University of Illinois Statutes. Ex officio members include the President, the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, and the Graduate Dean. Faculty membership in the Graduate College is granted by the Dean of the Graduate College or his/her designee on behalf of the Executive Committee of the Graduate College. Standards for admission to membership in the Faculty of the Graduate College shall be determined jointly by the Graduate Dean and the Executive Committee subject to Graduate Faculty review. Full and associate membership may be granted for the term of employment by the University to faculty members at the rank of Assistant Professor and a bove who meet the standards for admission and who continue to fulfill their responsibilities as Graduate Faculty. Members need not hold appointments in departments with Graduate College programs.Only full members may vote.

Section 2. Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Graduate Faculty include (1) establishing and maintaining high quality graduate education and research programs within the academic units of the University, (2) developing and teaching of graduate level courses and curricula, (3) advising graduate students, (4) serving on examination committees as a member, director of research, and/or chair, (5) electing members of the Graduate College Executive Committee, (6) serving on Graduate College committees, and (7) providing advice to the Graduate Dean and the Executive Committee.

Section 3. Nominations for Membership

In departments or other equivalent units with a graduate program, nominations for membership shall be made by the Executive Officer of the unit.

Section 4. Categories of Membership

There are four categories of faculty membership in the Graduate College: 1) Full Membership: Full membership is granted to tenured and tenure track faculty who are nominated by a UIC department that houses a program under the umbrella of the Graduate College and approved by the Graduate Dean. In the College of Medicine recommendations for full membership are limited to appointments in the Research Track.

1) Full Membership/Privileges

Full members who have attained tenure are eligible to serve on the Graduate College Executive Committee. All full members are eligible to serve on the Awards Committee, serve as a primary advisor for graduate students and be the chair or a member of student committees. All full members hold voting rights, and only full members are eligible to vote in Graduate College elections and at Graduate College faculty meetings.

2) Associate Membership

Associate members are typically clinical track or non-tenure system faculty whose program wishes to grant them the right to serve as primary advisors
to students in that program. Once appointed, associate members retain their membership so long as they continue to fulfill their responsibilities as Graduate Faculty (See ArticleII, Section 2). Associate membership is granted upon recommendation to the Graduate Dean by the Executive Officer of the department or
equivalent unit. The nominating department must take a vote of the Full members of the Graduate Faculty on the question of the candidate’s membership. The results of that vote must accompany the membership request. In exceptional circumstances, distinguished individuals without a UIC appointment may be proposed for associate membership and approved for a fixed term.

Associate Membership Privileges

Associate members are eligible to serve as a primary advisor for graduate students and be a member, but not chair, of student committees.

3) Adjunct Membership

Adjunct members are typically UIC faculty or other employees who possess expertise that makes it likely and desirable for them to serve repeatedly on graduate student committees. Adjunct members must be UIC employees. They are appointed for three-year (renewable) terms through a recommendation to the Graduate Dean from the Executive Officer of the department or equivalent unit.

Adjunct Membership Privileges

Adjunct members are eligible to serve as a member of student committees, but not as advisor or chair.

4) Courtesy Membership

Courtesy members are typically non-UIC employees who possess some expertise that makes them desirable members of a particular graduate student committee. There are two types of courtesy membership: (A) Courtesy members who are appointed to sit on a specific committee, and need to be reappointed for each committee; (B) courtesy members who will most likely be re-occurring members of committees due to an expertise they possess that is useful to the department, and are appointed to one year terms. Courtesy members are appointed through a recommendation to the Graduate Dean from the Executive Officer of the department or equivalent unit.

5) Retired Faculty

Retired faculty with full or associate membership automatically retain their memberships at the same level for three years after retirement. In special cases membership can be extended upon request to the Graduate Dean by the Executive Officer attesting to the fact that the nominated
faculty is still active in graduate education.

Section 5. Changes in Graduate College Membership

1) A Graduate Faculty member may resign from the Graduate Faculty voluntarily by submitting a letter of resi gnation to the Dean of the Graduate College.  2) A faculty member who resigns from the University is automatically terminated from membership in the Graduate Faculty unless the unit asks that the faculty member continue for a specified period of time.  3) A member may be removed from the Graduate Faculty if the member has been grossly neglectful of, or grossly inefficient in, the performance of responsibilities as a Graduate Faculty member as enumerated under Article II section 2. A motion for sanction or removal may be made by the unit executive officer, or may be initiated by the Dean of the Graduate College, and must state reasons for the action. The faculty member under consideration for sanction or removal will be given the opportunity to provide a written statement in response to the motion.The motion and the faculty statement will be considered by the Graduate College Executive Committee and the Dean of the Graduate College. The Dean shall make the decision on sanction or removal, which may be appealed to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.