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For Faculty & Staff

Professor and Student

Graduate faculty and support staff comprise the core of this university...UIC works because they do! This page is intended as a source of information for graduate faculty and support staff. Please email with feedback and suggestions for developing these online resources.


  • UIC Graduate College By-Laws
  • Annual Meeting of the Graduate Faculty
  • Graduate College Elections
  • Executive Committee
  • Awards Committee
  • Directors of Graduate Studies List

Program Data

  • Graduate & Professional Enrollment Management Reports
  • Departmental Degree and Thesis Lists (Bluestem Protected)
  • PhD Time to Degree/Attrition
  • Doctoral Student Asessment
  • Curriculum Codes and Graduate Concentrations

Other Resources

  • U of I Admissions Reform (Bluestem Protected)
  • Enrollment Management Suite
  • TOEFL Information (Bluestem Protected)
  • IELTS Information (Bluestem Protected)
  • Academic Standing (Bluestem Protected)
  • Admissions Email Notification and View/Search
  • Academic Program Tuition Waivers
  • Fellowships Information for Faculty
  • Graduate Mentoring Awards
  • UIC Web for Faculty
  • Revising Courses
  • New Programs + Progam Revisions
  • Document Direct
  • Graduate Programs Personnel

Forms for Use by Faculty and Staff (Bluestem protected)

DGS Manual (Bluestem protected)

DGS Meetings

Online Learning