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Election EC & AC 2007

Election active April 27, 2007 8:00 am CDT through May 11, 2007 8:00 pm CDT

Starting with the elections held in 2004 the annual elections for the Graduate College Executive Committee and the Graduate College Awards Committee are held on-line.

Each academic year approximately one-half of the seats on the Executive Committee and the Awards Committee are filled with new members (members serve a two-year term). The Dean of the Graduate College requests nominations in March, and a sample ballot is presented at the Graduate Faculty Annual Meeting in April. At the meeting, faculty can put forth additional nominations, and then the ballot is ratified. The election is held shortly after the meeting. See Graduate College Bylaws for additional information.

Voter Eligibility

Members of the Graduate Faculty with tenured or tenure-track appointments only are eligible to vote. Adjunct, Emeritus, Courtesy, and other members who are allowed to serve on student committees but do not currently hold tenured or tenure-track appointments are not eligible to vote in these elections.

See Graduate Faculty for a complete list of members who are eligible to vote in this election. If an error or omission is discovered, immediately contact Teresa Silva ( or call the Graduate College at 413-2550.

Voting Times

Election active April 27, 2007 8:00 am CDT through May 11, 2007 8:00 pm CDT.

Voting Procedures

I.  View Sample Ballot and Statements from Candidates

To view a sample ballot and additional information on the individuals nominated for these elections see the 2007 Sample Ballot. The additional information about the nominees was submitted by the nominees and is viewable by clicking on the individual's name on the sample ballot. (NOTE:  On the actual ballot, the order of the candidates' names is randomly shuffled by the election program, and the additional information is not presented).

II.  Election Website

To actually vote, go to You will be asked to authenticate your eligibility through Bluestem. NOTE: Use only your "" net ID and the password associated with your net ID. Do not use other IDs/passwords such as "", Banner IDs/passwords (in most instances the Banner ID is the net ID, but the password may be different), etc.

Please read each item on the ballot carefully. Some items require only one vote while others may allow for more. Voters may vote for candidates in every division, not only the division in which you reside.

III.  Privacy and Security 

The on-line election process through ACCC ensures that voters will be allowed to vote only once, even if that voter has multiple net IDs or aliases. Only Graduate Faculty holding tenured or tenure-track appointments will be allowed to vote (Bluestem authenticated) - see the "Voter Eligibilty" section above for a link to the current list. Voting is completely confidential and no member of the Graduate College will be able to access any individual voting records.  Votes are not linked to the voter, even internally in ACCC.