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Deferral of Admission

Admitted graduate students must register for courses for the term to which they are accepted or their admission will be invalidated. At the discretion of the graduate program, matriculation for degree students (level 2G) may be deferred up to, but not beyond, the same term in the succeeding year. Applications may be deferred only once. Nondegree admits (level 2Y) are not eligible to have their admisssion deferred, but must submit new application materials if they do not attend the term of their admission and wish to matriculate a later term.

  • Admitted degree applicants (level 2G) interested in deferring their matriculation should notify the program of their desire to defer the term of entry.
  • If the program is supportive of the deferral, the program should send a completed Request to Defer Graduate College Degree Admission form to the Graduate Admissions Office (OAR) along with a written request to defer from the applicant (copy of an email is sufficient). 
  • Deadlines for the Admissions Office in OAR to receive the deferral:
        Domestic Applicants - November 1 (Spring); March 15 (Summer); May 15 (Fall).
        International Applicants - August 1 (Spring); December 15 (Summer); January 15 (Fall).
  • If the admission was for limited status, an updated limited status letter must be sent to the applicant with a copy attached to the deferral form.
  • If the deferral involves a readmission to the same program and degree they were in previoulsy at UIC, and the student's time-to-degree has passed (or will pass before the degree is earned), a Graduate College petition for a time extension, with timeline, must be attached.
  • If the Office of Admission approves the deferral, a new application is created in Banner, new admit/registration material is sent to the student, and a reference copy of the deferral form is sent to the program.

See complete instructions and the Request to Defer Graduate College Degree Admission form.