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Certificate in the Foundations of College Instruction - Transcript Posting

Students who successfully complete the three courses that comprise the Foundations in College Instruction campus certificate will have the certificate posted to their transcript. 

  1. The student must have been previously admitted into the certificate.
  2. The student should complete the online Intent to Complete a Campus Certificate form for the term when the student is completing the last course(s) of the certificate, or in a later term.  The form is available from the beginning of each term through the first 10 weeks (less in summer).
  3. The Graduate College will verify that the requirements have been completed at the end of the term. 
  4. If all requirements have not been completed, the student will need to refile their Intent to Complete a Campus Certificate form for a future term. 
  5. If all requirements have been completed, the Graduate College will instruct the Records Office to post the completion of the certificate on the student's transcript. Additionally, a paper certificate will be mailed to the student (using the mailing information provided on the online Intent form) within two months after the end of the term.

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