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Certificate in the Foundations of College Instruction - Academic Policies


Program Admission: The certificate will operate with the usual and customary policies and procedures of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Admission Timing: Students must apply to the certificate no later than before taking a 2nd class in GC 593, 592, and 594.

Academic Policies: The certificate will be granted upon satisfactory completion of all related courses, and the student declares their intent to complete the certificate. A student has passed satisfactorily when they have achieved a grade of B or A in GC 593 and GC 594, and passed GC 592 with an S grade.  A course may be repeated once if a grade lower than required is achieved.

Transfer Credit: Typically not allowed.  Exceptions are at the discretion of the Graduate College.  Any transfer credit must be at the graduate level, on an official transcript, with a grade of B or better.

Grade Options:  Students who enroll in either GC 593 or GC 594 and decide to take the course as a CR/NC grade option may not use the course towards the Certificate in Foundations of College Instruction.  Students who do not intend to obtain the certificate may choose this option.

Credit: Credits may be used as electives to any graduate degree program based on the determination of the candidates’ home department accepting the credits for the purposes of degree completion. Typically, the Director of Graduate Studies in the student’s academic program makes the decision.

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