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Certificate in the Foundations of College Instruction

The Graduate College at the University of Illinois at Chicago offers a post-baccalaureate campus certificate entitled Foundations of College Instruction (CFCI).  The program code for the Campus Certificate in the Foundations of College Instruction is 20FS5531NDEG.

The curriculum is structured to lead students through a three-phase learning sequence.

Foundations of College Teaching (GC 593) is designed to raise student awareness to the roles, responsibilities, practices and possibilities of college teaching. Seminar in College Teaching (GC 592) is a best practices seminar where experienced instructors in various fields present their philosophy of teaching and their applications to the college classroom.  The final course, Practicum in College Teaching (GC 594) prepares students to construct, implement and evaluate courses, and allows them to practice these skills. Together, these courses work progressively to expose students to the role college teachers play, the requirements they must meet, and opportunities they may have. The sequence helps students develop skills and competencies in a manner builds on previous experience.

The certificate will appear on the student’s official transcript and provides a tangible credential for one’s curriculum vita.

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