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Candidates EECAC 2005

Aixa Alfonso, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

(No further information was provided to the Graduate College

Noam Alperin, Head of MRI Research Lab, Radiology

I am willing to serve on the Awards Committee. My experience includes serving on an NIH review study sections.

Joe Becker, Associate Professor, Education

I am an Associate Professor in the College of Education, and would like to stand for election for the Awards Committee.

My background is interdisciplinary. Originally I worked in the natural sciences (PhD in Physical Chemistry), and currently my research involves a mix of cognitive psychology, philosophy, and education. This enables me to appreciate a wide range of scholarship, both as to content and as to methodology. I do a lot of work with graduate students, including helping a range of students navigate the shift from course work to developing their own thesis project. I have been heavily involved in innovative support mechanisms for this in the College of Education. I have served on various committees in the College of Education, including, the Executive Committee, the Departmental Review Committee, and the Educational Policy and Programs Committee.

David W. Carley, Professor in Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine

David W. Carley, a member of the UIC faculty for nineteen years, is a Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology and Bioengineering. His teaching and research activities span these disciplines and he has served as a mentor for many graduate and post-graduate trainees from each of these departments. Dr. Carley is principal investigator of the UIC sleep medicine fellowship program and currently participates in two NIH training grant programs. In addition, he serves on the UIC Conflict Review Committee.

Michael Cho, Assistant Professor, Bioengineering

I joined the UIC Bioengineering Department in the year 2000. I have established active research programs in my laboratory that are mainly focused on tissue engineering. In addition, I have served as the Director of Graduate Studies since Fall 2003. As the Bioengineering DGS, I have come to know many important issues that our graduate students face, including financial support. Based on my experience and understanding of the UIC graduate students, I can make contributions to the Graduate Awards Committee.

Bhaskar DasGupta, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Since my joining UIC in Fall 2001, I have been a member of the undergraduate committee in the CS department. As a member of this committee I have actively participated in various administrative affairs related to undergraduate admissions and curriculum. I also actively participated, as an adjunct member of the Bioengineering department, in the development of a novel curriculum for a new Bioinformatics PhD program in collaboration with several other departments.

I have also served my professional discipline extensively in many capacities such as: (a) serving as a member of the program committee or a member of the local arrangement committee in conferences, (b) chairing sessions in conferences, (c) serving as members of review panels or as external reviewers in several NSF, NIH and Hong Kong research council grants, (d) serving as a reviewer in conferences, journals, books and book-chapters. Moreover, I also participated in writing a proposal to NSF that led to a future workshop that I will organize at the DIMACS center of Rutgers University.

Endorsement from Peter Nelson, Department Head, Computer Science: "DasGupta is one of our young stars ... great publications, numerous NSF grants including a CAREER award, etc."

Lisa Downing, Associate Professor, Philosophy

I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy and have been at UIC for six years. My research focuses on connections between philosophy and science in the 17th and 18th centuries, especially debates surrounding Cartesian mechanism and Newtonian attractionism. I have served several times on the admissions committee for the Philosophy Department and for four years I have chaired our teaching committee. I would like to learn more about the sorts of research being pursued by the best graduate students across UIC.

Asgi T. Fazleabas, Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology

I would be happy to serve on either of these two committees if elected. I hold a joint appointment between Obstetrics and Gynecology and Physiology and Biophysics. I have been a faculty member at UIC for 22 years. I have trained numerous graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and have been a member of the Graduate College since coming to UIC.

Marie Tejero Hughes, Associate Professor, Education

I am interested in serving on the Awards Committee. During the past few years I have been a member of the Honors Committee at the College of Education where one of our tasks is to review the award applications and make recommendations on which to forward to the Awards Committee.

David Mitchell, Associate Professor, Disability and Human Development

David Mitchell is Associate Professor in the Department of Disability and Human Development. He has recently completed a four-year term as director of the Interdisciplinary PhD program in Disability Studies. As a researcher in this interdisciplinary field, he has authored and/or edited four books, served as senior editor on a five-volume Encyclopedia of Disability, produced four award-winning documentary films, and founded two permanent committees within the Modern Languages Association on disability in the academy.

Guity Nashat, Associate Professor, History

I am an associate professor of history and have served on various departmental committees. I am currently a member of the University Senate. I have represented the university at numerous national and international conferences and have appeared in the media on issues relating to the Middle East. I gave a Teachers-as-Scholars seminar on women in the Middle East several years ago, and I enjoyed my interaction with the Graduate College very much. I would also love to serve our university in any way I can.

Guido F. Pauli, Assistant Professor, Institute of Tuberculosis Research

Guido F. Pauli, PhD PharmD, is an Assistant Professor of Pharmacognosy and actively involved in Graduate Education at UIC's College of Pharmacy since 2001. His graduate students perform research within the realm of modern pharmacognosy, investigating traditional as well as novel natural products by means of chemical, biological, pharmacological and metabolome analysis.

Thomas J. Royston, Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Thomas J. Royston is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE). He joined UIC after receiving his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio State in 1995. His research interests are in acoustics and vibrations, with applications in Medical Diagnostics, Smart Material Systems and Structures, Nondestructive Material and Structural Characterization, Musical Instrument Acoustics, and Vibration Isolation in High-Precision Facilities. His research has been supported by the NSF Career program, NIH, ONR, NASA, DOE, the Whitaker Foundation and private industry. In 2002 he received the UIC College of Engineering Faculty Research Award and the Acoustical Society of America Bruce Lindsay Award. He has advised (or is advising) eleven MS-thesis students and ten PhD students. Eight of his graduate students have received internal and/or external fellowhips and four have received the UIC Provost Research Award. Professor Royston served as the Director of Graduate Studies for the MIE Department during AY00-01 and 01-02 and continues to serve on the MIE Graduate Committee. He also currently is serving an appointment to the Graduate College Awards Committee for AY03-04, 04-05, and 05-06.

Jim Sack, Professor, History

I would be happy, if elected, to serve for two years on the Graduate College Executive Committee. I have been at UIC since 1974, teaching British and Irish history. In the College of LAS, I have served on the Elections Committee and on the Executive Committee, of which I was chair in 2004-2005.

W. Andreas Schroeder, Associate Professor, Physics

I joined the Department of Physics at UIC in 1993. Over the past decade, I have been honored for both my teaching (Teaching Recognition Program Award, CETL, 1997) and my research in ultrafast (sub-picosecond) laser spectroscopy (National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 1998). The interdisciplinary nature of my research field has allowed me to raise over $2M in Federal funding and attract some of the brightest graduate and undergraduate students to work in my laboratory. In addition to my departmental committee duties, I currently serve on the Natural Sciences and Engineering Subcommittee of the Campus Research Board, the UIC Laser Safety Committee, and the Honors College Council.

David Ucker, Professor, Microbiology and Immunology

Having served for six years as Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, and now involved in the new Graduate Education in Medical Sciences program, I am deeply committed to graduate education. My efforts, including my work over the last three years as a member of the Graduate College Executive Committee, are directed to enhancing the depth and rigor of the training we provide for our students, with particular emphasis on the development of critical and analytical thinking and excellence in scholarship.