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Annual Graduate College Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation Award

The Annual Graduate College Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation Award is given to the most outstanding doctoral dissertation or master's thesis in each of the four Graduate Program divisions.  Each of the awards include a monetary award ($500 for master's thesis winners and $1,000 for doctoral dissertation winners).

The divisional categories are:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences
  • Life Sciences

Recipient Lists

Fall 2016 Awardees

George Tim Thesis Forgetting the literal: The role of inhibition in metaphor comprehension BSS Psychology
Seifried Rebecca Dissertation Community Organization and Imperieal Expansion in a Rural Landscape: The Mani Peninsula (AD 1000-1821) BSS Anthropology
Simonetti Marie-Agathe Thesis The Ecole des Beaux-Arts de L'indochine: Victor Tardieu and French Art Between the Wars AH Art History
Alter Thomas Dissertation Dirt Farmer Internationalists: The Meitzen Family, three Generations of Farmer-Labor Radicals, 1848-1932 AH History
Antanasijevic Aleksander Dissertation Biophysical Studies of the Interactions Between Small Molecule Inhibitors and Viral Target Proteins LS Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Guo Lun Thesis Development of Ultrafiltration Titanium Magneli Phase Reactive Electrochemical Membranes  EMPS Chemical Engineering
Yogambigai Velmurugu Dissertation Dynamics and mechanism of DNA-bending proteins in binding site recognition EMPS Physics

Please join us in congratulating past award recipients: Recipients List


Every calendar year, each graduate program can nominate one masters and one doctoral student.  The student must have already officially graduated, and must be from a program that is within the Graduate College.

For the 2017 cycle, eligible students are those whose degree was officially awarded by UIC in Fall 2016, Spring 2017, or Summer 2017.

Application Procedures

The Director of Graduate Studies for a program must put forth the nomination of the outstanding thesis or dissertation.  

The program/department collects and submits the following items as a single PDF file to the Graduate College via a secure link, for review by the Awards Committee:

  1. A completed Annual Graduate College Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation Award Application (fillable Word template).
  2. A letter of nomination from the Director or Graduate Studies or Department Head describing the impact of this research on the field.
  3. A letter of support from the primary advisor (i.e., the advisor responsible for the research for the thesis).
  4. A copy of the thesis abstract (refer to the Graduate College Thesis Manual for format; however, the limit on length does not apply for this submission). Supplied by student.
  5. A concise (300-word maximum) description of the significance of the research presented in the dissertation or thesis. This may be based on the abstract but it should be written in language suitable for faculty from neighboring or allied disciplines.  Supplied by student.
  6. A current curriculum vita that includes a list of awards, honors, publications, and presentations. Supplied by student.


Information for Directors of Graduate Studies/program submitters (Shibboleth protected)


The Awards Committee of the Graduate College has established the following deadline for the program/department to submit a single PDF file of all of the required material listed above:  

  • October 25, 2017
    Program/Department Nomination Due to the Graduate College
  • December 1, 2017
    Announcement of Awards